Friday, December 08, 2023

Students from 23 schools in Bukidnon receive bags, school supplies

MALAYBALAY CITY, Bukidnon-Selected students from 23 schools in the landlocked province of Bukidnon were recently given backpacks and school supplies

The 403rd Brigade in a press release said that the program was spearheaded by the Office of the Vice President (OVP) Davao Satellite Office through its special project called PagbaBAGo program.
Peoples Organizations (POs) and schoolchildren are the program’s intended beneficiaries.
A series of activities were held in conjunction with the planting of 2,000 Narra trees in Brgy. Kalasungay on November 8, 2023, which was followed by the distribution of backpacks containing school supplies for Bukidnon’s identified underprivileged schoolchildren from November 8-10, 2023.
A total of 4,019 school bags were provided to students from various schools in Malaybalay City (2,890 beneficiaries), Impasugong (973 beneficiaries), and Cabanglasan (156 beneficiaries).
Furthermore, the aforementioned operations were carried out in collaboration with the Office of the Provincial Governor, the 403rd Infantry “Peacemaker” Brigade, Bukas Kalinaw, 8th Infantry
Infantry Battalion, 88th Infantry Battalion, and 16th Infantry Battalion under 402nd Infantry Brigade.
Ms. Regina Rose D. Tecson, the OVP Officer-in-Charge of the Davao-based satellite office noted that the Tree planting and distribution of bags are the flagship program of the Vice President Sara Duterte that are shown to be beneficial to the community even during her term as Mayor of Davao City.
The OVP is optimistic that the bag distribution will encourage pupils to work hard despite their poverty and to harvest what they sow in the future.
Meanwhile, Brigadier General Michele B Anayron Jr, commander of the 403rd Brigade, expressed gratitude to the Vice President for selecting Bukidnon, primarily in the Area of Responsibility of the 403rd Brigade, to be the beneficiary of the PagbaBAGo program.
“We in the Philippine Army in collaboration with the Bukas Kalinaw and other stakeholders and government agencies will continue to support in extending social services to the community for the sustainable peace and development effort in order to finally end the insurgency,” Anayron said. (melbmadera)

PSPME holds consultations for children with endocrine disorders

The Philippine Society of Pediatric Metabolism & Endocrinology (PSPME), in collaboration with the Malaybalay City Health Office (CHO) and the Department of Health – Northern Mindanao (DOH-CHDNM), hosted a consultation event on September 28, 2023, at Loiza’s Pavilion, Malaybalay City

The event aimed to provide essential follow-up care for children diagnosed with congenital hypothyroidism and congenital adrenal hyperplasia.

Distinguished members of the Philippine Society of Pediatric Metabolism & Endocrinology (PSPME) leading the event included Dr. Jedeabe Aragon and Dr. Maria Luisa Malabuyoc, both renowned experts in pediatric endocrinology. Additionally, healthcare professionals from Newborn Screening Continuity Clinics (NMMC and BPMC), including Dr. Rhona Ortencio-Ocho and Udall Armand Cabading from NMMC, and Dr. Aileen Dubrigue and Ian Roy Lapinid from BPMC, contributed their expertise. Dr. Miguel Antonio Prantilla, Chief of the Hospital at BPMC, and Dr. Melodee Aguirre, Pediatric Department Head at BPMC, were also in attendance.

Dr. Melirose Deticio, CHO-I and Medical Coordinator for Newborn Screening, along with dedicated CHO midwives and representatives from Human Resources for Health (HRH), played a crucial role in organizing the event. Kharl Karen Libot, the Nurse Coordinator for Newborn Screening, also ensured the smooth execution of the consultation.

Upon arrival, the children and their parents underwent registration and had their anthropometric measurements taken to monitor their growth and development.

Dr. Maria Luisa Malabuyoc delivered a lecture on endocrine disorders, providing valuable insights and guidance to the attendees.

The heart of the event revolved around consultations with 18 children diagnosed with congenital hypothyroidism and congenital adrenal hyperplasia. Of these, 16 hailed from Malaybalay City, while 2 were from Valencia City. These one-on-one consultations allowed for personalized care plans and addressing the specific needs of each child.

As part of the commitment to the well-being of these children, free levothyroxine medications were distributed, ensuring that they receive the necessary treatment to manage their conditions effectively.

The event represents a significant step in providing continued care and support to these young patients, ultimately contributing to their better quality of life. (LGU Malaybalay)

Medicine Week 2023 celebrates with free consultations, health services to city employees

The Bukidnon Medical Society, in collaboration with a team of dedicated internists, City Health Office doctors, nurses, and the PhilHealth E-konsulta team, marked the celebration of Medicine Week 2023 by providing valuable healthcare services to the city’s government employees

The event took place at the People’s Hall, New City Hall, Malaybalay City, as part of the Civil Service Month Celebration.

The medical team included internists and specialists, such as Dr. Apollo Roderick Tenorio (IM-Diabetologist), Dr. Stella Arcadio (IM), Dr. Elvie May Mamawag (IM), Dr. Hope Larot (IM), Dr. Jose Aguirre (IM), Dr. Pamela Ruth Mohan (IM), Dr. Kristina Anne Co (IM-Neurologist), Dr. Leah Balgoa (IM-Rheumatologist), and Dr. Donna Belle Dispo (IM).

The event aimed to provide free consultations to all City Government Employees and offered E-konsulta registration and PhilHealth updates. This initiative underscores the commitment of Bukidnon Medical Society to promote healthcare and well-being within the community while fostering collaboration with the City Government of Malaybalay.

The Medicine Week celebration not only highlights the importance of the medical profession but also demonstrates the spirit of public service among healthcare professionals, reaffirming their dedication to improving the health and wellness of the community they serve. (LGU Malaybalay)

Outreach program for PDLs during Lung Month celebration in August

MALAYBALAY CITY – An outreach program targeting Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDLs) was held at the Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (PDRC) in Natid-asan, Barangay Casisang during the Lung Month celebration

The event held on August 22-25, 2023 was a collaborative effort between the Provincial Health Office (PHO) NTP, City Health Office (CHO) NTP, Malaybalay, various Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), and the Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP).

The program’s primary focus was to provide essential health services to PDLs and to raise awareness about lung health. To achieve this, a Mobile X-ray truck was utilized to offer free Chest X-rays to 847 out of 865 PDLs detained at PDRC. The remaining 18 PDLs have already undergone X-rays within the last three months.

This initiative was meticulously organized by PBSP, in conjunction with PHO and CHO, ensuring that the Mobile X-ray unit could operate effectively within the jail premises.

Additionally, PDLs received free medical check-ups and necessary medicines courtesy of Dr. Susan Marie Punongbayan, the Infectious Disease and Control Medical Coordinator of CHO Malaybalay.

The outreach program’s goal was to address the vulnerability of PDLs to the deadly lung disease called tuberculosis and to prevent its spread within the prison compound.

By providing critical health services and raising awareness, the organizers aimed to enhance the overall well-being of the PDLs and contribute to the containment of lung-related illnesses within the correctional facility.

Report: Lianne Jones T. Cajegas, PTRP, CHO-NADA

Bukidnon has 15,000 child laborers, says DOLE

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY — Bukidnon has close to 15,000 child laborers, making it the province in Northern Mindanao with the highest number, according to the Department of Labor and Employment in Region 10 (DOLE-10)

DOLE defines “child labor” as including “hazardous work … which encompasses undesirable activities or work done in a hazardous environment,” and “work done for long hours of more than 40 hours and/or night time or the entire day.”

These children are working in the farms, doing domestic work, fishing, or even in construction, a DOLE-10 report emailed to MindaNews said.

The report, which profiled child laborers during the period 2018 to 2021, said that of Northern Mindanao’s five provinces, Bukidnon gained the top spot with 14,790 child laborers.

It is followed by Misamis Oriental with 10,382 (aside from the 7,793 child laborers in Cagayan de Oro City, the province’s capital), Lanao del Norte with 9,014, Misamis Occidental with 3,979, and Camiguin with 1,902.

In all of Region 10, DOLE-10 reported a total of 47,860 child laborers, 28,930 of whom are males and 18,930 females.

In terms of age bracket, the 15-17 range has the highest at 35,298, followed by 10-14 with 11,665.

“Notably, all provinces have child laborers aged 3 to 4 years old, with the highest prevalence in Camiguin and Cagayan de Oro, with 17 and 13, respectively,” said the DOLE-10 report.

“The desire of these children to help their parents is very strong that from school or after waking up in the morning, they would go to the fields to do manual work,” said Erlinda Sayago, executive director of the Kaanib Foundation, during a press conference here Wednesday.

Kaanib Foundation, DOLE-10, and the Child Fund Philippines are helping to decrease the number of child labor in Bukidnon and other Northern Mindanao provinces.

“It’s very hard to eradicate child labor in an economy relying on agriculture,” said lawyer Russel Jallorina, assistant regional director of DOLE-10.

Jallorina said work is readily available in Bukidnon’s agricultural fields, considered the food basket of Northern Mindanao where poverty incidence is among the highest in the country.

Sayoga said that aside from helping raise the income of their family, the children also look for work to pay for their school needs like notebooks and pens.

“When the schools went for online classes during the COVID-19 pandemic, it was hell for the children. Many opted to look for work instead of attending the online classes where they have to pay for the Internet,” she added.

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), in a report released July 25, 2023, said that there were 1.48 million working children aged 5 to 17 in 2022, or about 4.7 percent of the total population of 31.71 million.

Of these working children, DOLE said that 828,000 are considered engaged in child labor.

The number, DOLE noted, is lower than in 2021, when child laborers numbered 935,000.

Across regions, Region 12 (Soccsksargen) has the highest proportion of child laborers at 12.5 percent. Northern Mindanao is at the fourth spot, with 9.4 percent. Central Visayas is second at 10.5 percent, followed by the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region at 10.4 percent. (Froilan Gallardo / MindaNews)

CHO distributes permethrin lotion to scabies patients in Malaybalay

On August 02, 2023, the Malaybalay City Health Office (CHO) distributed Permethrin lotion to patients affected by scabies

This initiative took place in New Mexico, Barangay Bangcud.

Scabies, a skin infection caused by mites, can lead to discomfort and itching. Permethrin lotion, recognized as the preferred treatment, was distributed to alleviate symptoms and aid in the healing process.

Among the key figures present during the distribution were Dr. Jude Rey Pagaling, and Leonamie Melliston, RN, Assistant Coordinator for CESU. Also in attendance were April Nicole U. Aurita, RN, representing the Department of Health (DOH-DSO), and Elizabeth Salvanera, RM, DOH Midwife for Barangay Bangcud.

This concerted effort demonstrates healthcare professionals’ dedication to improving the community’s well-being by providing essential treatments and care. (LGU Malaybalay)

GeneXpert Laboratory sa Valencia, giablihan

Pormal nga gibuksan sa Valencia City Health Office (CHO) ang bag-ong pasilidad niini nga mao ang GeneXpert Laboratory

Ang maong laboratory giablihan niadtong Agusto 2, 2023.

Pinaagi sa maong pasilidad, mahimo nang mapadali ug mas mahapsay ang pag-atiman sa mga Tuberculosis (TB) Presumptive nga mga pasyente nga adunay referral gikan sa mga pribadong hospital, ingon man sa mga silingan nga munisipalidad.

Gipangunahan nila Councilor Sasang Cadigal-Recla, Committe Chairperson on Health and Sanitation, ug ang bag-ohay lang nga natahasan isip Focal Person for Special Health Concerns sa siyudad nga si Dr. Policarpo Murillo, IV, kauban ang mga personahe sa Provincial Health Office (PHO) sa pagpanguna ni Dr. Gary Guido Tabios, Jr., ug ni Dr. Ma. Azalea Cordero-Medical Officer/TB Coordinator sa Bukidnon Provincial Medical Center (BPMC), ang gipahigayon nga seremonya sa pagbukas sa maong laboratoryo. (LGU Valencia)

CHO conducts Philhealth registration, profiling for PWDs in Malaybalay

In Celebration of the 45th National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation (NDPR) week with the theme, “Persons with Disabilities Accessibility and Rights Towards a Sustainable Future Where No One is Left Behind,” the City Health Office (CHO) conducted Philhealth Konsulta Registration and Profiling to all Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) of this city including the Philhealth Forum to every Cluster barangay

Led by Dr. Dennis P. Sangalang, City Health Officer II, the initiative was made possible through the collaborative efforts of various key individuals and organizations.

Representatives such as Dr. Jade Gales-Hera and Dr. Jude Rey Pagaling, along with CSWD Officer Ivy Amor Urbina and Ms. Mechelle Timones, the PWD in charge, and Mr. Romulo Lapuz Jr., the Chief Local Insurance Officer of Bukidnon, worked together to ensure the success of the program.

Additionally, Mr. Cipriano Paguara and Ms. Dimple Walter were present as representatives, along with the unwavering support of City Mayor Hon. Atty Jay Warren R. Pabillaran and PWD Federation President Mr. Rudy T. Jimeno.

During the event, Mr. Paguara emphasized the significance of Universal Health Care in guaranteeing equitable access to healthcare goods and services for all Filipinos, thereby protecting them against financial risk. His statement, “‘Bawat Pilipino ay dapat Miyembro, Bawat Miyembro ay Protektado, kalusugan ng lahat ay Segurado sa Philhealth, Lahat ay Panalo,” echoed the program’s commitment to ensure health security for everyone.

Dr. Pagaling explained Philhealth Konsultasyong Sulit Tama (Konsulta) program, which offers comprehensive outpatient benefits as mandated by the Universal Health Care Law. The main objective of Konsulta is to provide financial risk protection for all Filipinos, especially concerning primary healthcare.

Under the Konsulta program, PhilHealth aims to enhance the health of its members by offering a package for early detection of diseases. This includes preventive care services such as consultations, health risk screening, and assessment.

Melanie Pajaron, the City Philhealth coordinator, expounded the Philhealth Konsulta outpatient package, which encompasses laboratory services that clients can avail themselves of during consultations, as requested by the physician. The package includes services like chest X-rays and ECGs. City Mayor Warren Pabillaran signed a special Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Bethel Hospital to facilitate access to ECG and Chest X-ray services.

The program has already made considerable progress, with successful registration in several barangays across the city: July 25, 2023: Poblacion Cluster Venue at Barangay 9 – 145 registered Philhealth Konsulta; July 26, 2023: Highway Cluster Venue at Barangay Aglayan – 110 registered; July 27, 2023: Basakan Cluster Venue at Barangay Violeta – 101 registered; and July 28, 2023: Upper Pulangui District Cluster Venue at Barangay Mapulo – 97 registered. (LGU Malaybalay)

Malaybalay City coop acquires P3-M combine harvester from DA-NorMin

MALAYBALAY CITY, BUKIDNON – The Linabo Agrarian Reform Cooperative (LARC), a ninety-active-membered farmers’ group, is eyed to augment their productivity and income after being granted a combine harvester worth P3 million (M) from the Department of Agriculture – Northern Mindanao (DA-10) headed by Regional Executive Director Carlene C. Collado

On July 21, Field Operations Division chief Luz I. Guzman, Ph.D. together with Bukidnon Provincial Operations Center chief Janet D. Lopez, DVM of DA-10, led in conferring the certificate of turnover thru the City Government of Malaybalay, helmed by Mayor Jay Warren R. Pabillaran represented by its Chief Executive Assistant Anthony James Mondia, and finally, to the benefitting coop, LARC led by its Chairperson Aurelio E. Salem.

Pooled from CY 2022 funds under the agency’s Corn program, said unit is a grain crop, labor- and time-saving harvesting machine that combines reaping, threshing, cleaning, and bagging into a single operation.

It is targeted to serve LARC’s existing production area, which is composed of 236.7 hectares for corn, and 196.7 hectares for rice, with a potential area of 200 hectares.

Dr. Guzman urged them to value and maximize the use of said machinery by setting aside funds for its repair and maintenance, which would overall help elevate LARC’s operations.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mondia noted the synergistic efforts – from the national, provincial, city, and down to barangay governments- to acquire a combine harvester unit that would directly benefit the farmers in barangay Linabo.

In response to the messages of support and anchoring on the coop’s mission of uplifting the life of its members and agrarian reform beneficiaries, LARC chairperson Salem is grateful that the government has seen its potential to manage the combined harvester.

Likewise, the coop head committed that under his wing, they will exercise responsibility, accountability, and transparency, in whatever available resources they have for the benefit of their members, fellow farmers, and their community.

Apart from the provided machinery, LARC has also availed other forms of assistance from DA-10, such as agricultural inputs and financial aid.

Now in its silver year, it continues to venture into production, processing, and marketing, with reach not just limiting to the locality but also in the cities of Valencia, Cagayan de Oro, and Iligan, and the towns of Maramag and Cabanglasan in Bukidnon.

Also supporting the cooperative during the turnover ceremony is the City Government of Malaybalay thru its agriculture and engineering offices, the local barangay of Linabo, and the Department of Agrarian Reform. (DA RDO0-10)

PhilHealth starts ‘Konsulta’ registration in Malaybalay

MALAYBALAY CITY – PhilHealth-Bukidnon and Malaybalay City Health Office (CHO) collaborated to host the 2023 PhilHealth Summit and Konsulta Member Registration at Freedom Park

The event offers free consultations to all PhilHealth members, focusing on an extensive range of medical concerns to help individuals manage their health effectively, detect diseases early, and avoid potential complications.

The ‘Konsulta’ package includes consultations, health risk screening and assessment, referrals, 13 laboratory tests, and access to 21 maintenance drugs and medicines.

PhilHealth seeks to enhance the health of its members by offering a package that focuses on early disease detection. This package grants all Filipinos access to a primary care facility, enabling them to seek consultations from accredited providers.

Dr. Dennis Sangalang, city health chief, said CHO is the only accredited PhilHealth Konsulta Provider in Malaybalay to date.

“We can assure and guarantee that every individual has access to health services. One of these is the PhilHealth Konsulta, Konsultasyong Sulit At Tama,” he said.

He also announced that walk-in registrations from PhilHealth members are accepted and accommodated to encourage local government personnel to register for PhilHealth’s Konsulta program.

Marlyn Acosta, social insurance officer at PhilHealth-Bukidnon, said ‘Konsulta’ is a nationwide event. “It coincides with PhilHealth’s 28th anniversary, which has the theme ‘Pinalawak at Makabagong Benepisyo Para sa Mamamayang Pilipino’ (Expanded and Modernized Benefits for Filipinos). We should all register with a PhilHealth Konsulta accredited facility,” she added.

Acosta urged members who still need to register for PhilHealth services to visit the accredited facility of PhilHealth Konsulta. (JSA/PIA-10/Bukidnon)