Sunday, May 28, 2023

Ordinansa sa pag implementar sa komunal garden sa kabarangayan, gi-aprobahan sa SP Malaybalay

Gi-aprobahan na sa Sangguniang Panlungsod ang Ordinance No. 1016 S 2023

Base sa pahibalo sa City Government of Malaybalay, ang Ordinansa kabahin sa pag implementar sa komunal garden sa kabarangayan dinhi sa siyudad.

Kaniadtong Marso 14, 2023, unang giduso ni Hon. Councilor Alan Ryann O. Legaspi, Chairman on the Committee on Agriculture ang mahitungod sa maong ordinansa.

Pinasubay kini sa Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Memorandum Circular No. 2023-001 nga mao ang implementasyon sa Halina’t Magtanim ng Gulay at Prutas sa Barangay Project.

Ang tumong ug tinguha sa nasangpit nga Memorandum Circular nga ma giyahan ang kabarangayan sa pagtukod sa maong komunal garden aron matabangan ang katawhan labi na sa panginahanglanon sa pagkaon. (Omar Rashid Z. Abdullah)

Seremonya sa pagpangapud-apod sa lainlaing ayuda sa agrikultura gilunsad sa Malaybalay

Gilunsad ang isa ka seremonya sa pagpangapud-apud sa lain laing mga ayuda sa agrikultura sa syudad sa Malaybalay niadtong Mayo 9, 2023

Base sa pahibalo sa City Government of Malaybalay, ang opisina sa City Agriculture ang nagpahigayon sa Ceremonial Launching and Distribution of Assorted Vegetable Seeds, Banana Lakatan Seedlings and Organic Fertilizer sa Farmer’s Training Center.

Gisulti nga pagpangandam kini para sa umaabot nga City ordinance “Institutionalizing the Implementation of Communal Garden in all Barangays in the City of Malaybalay.”

Ang maong proyekto gipunduhan pinaagi sa Local Government Unit sa syudad sa Malaybalay nga hustong gisuportahan sa 9th Sangguniang Panglungsod pinaagi usab sa opisina sa City Agriculture. (MG Mayumi B. Madera)


AdMIS made significant progress to enhance operations of CGM

The City Administrator’s Office – Management Information System Division (AdMIS) has made significant progress in deploying various modules and programs to enhance the City Government of Malaybalay operations

The City Administrator’s Office – Management Information System Division (AdMIS) has made significant progress in deploying various modules and programs to enhance the City Government of Malaybalay operations.

This division, headed by Salick O. Darangina, recently submitted accomplishment updates, particularly on the existing and newly developed and deployed software.

The division’s overall objective is to deliver excellent services in programming, server and system maintenance, installation and repair, reformatting, and technical support for computer-related components. They also assist with live coverage, internet connection setup, and network issue resolution for all offices under the City of Malaybalay.

One notable achievement is the implementation of the Traffic Management Center (TMC) Module, which serves as a foundation for handling traffic violations and recording violators.

This system aims to promote transparency and discourage negotiations by enforcing penalties consistently.

In addition, AdMIS is preparing to launch the Online Business Application, pending approval from the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) for hosting. This application will provide a convenient platform for businesses to apply online, streamlining the process and improving efficiency.

Quicker, more efficient revenue generation data

Darangina reported that they have updated the Integrated Revenue Generation System (IRGS). This software has been used since 2013 by the City Treasurer’s Office, the Business Permits & Licensing Division (CMO-BPLD), and the City Assessor’s Office. The most recent update integrated the building permits, zoning certification, and locational clearance, resulting in more efficient revenue management for the City Government of Malaybalay (CGM).

Darangina added that the system also included improvements such as a link between business permits and tax declarations, updates to the IRGS data access manager, and optimization of login speed. Apart from this, an added feature to the system allows for the classification and organization of businesses with a Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) category for the nature of business. This addition enhances the management and analysis of businesses.

Data-specific PSB rating system

The AdMIS also takes pride in having developed the software and has since implemented the same in selecting newly-hired employees of the CGM. Dubbed as the Selection Board Rating System, this software evaluates applicants’ education, work experiences, and qualifications fairly. This system, developed and refined by Darangina, effectively selects candidates for various positions.

An improved human resource management

Since its rollout in 2011, the AdMIS has consistently kept watch and continuously improved the Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS), which is being used by the CHRM Office. This software has all the records of permanent employees, including service records, personal data, SALN, and others. In 2021, a new module was added specifically for the payroll of casual employees, generating user credentials and payroll reports. Other modules were developed for bonuses and the deduction of Pag-big MP2 contributions. Sherilyn Kaye Rain B. Dalope oversaw the development of this system.

New software for procurement and social services rolled out. To keep track of the City Government’s procurement procedure, use of acquired items and determine their usage, a logistic system was developed by Teofilo Piodos, another AdMIS programmer. The City General Services Office is now using this procurement inventory system. With the system modules now in place, the CGSO can easily track and manage the procurement processes and carry out their inspections and warehousing mandates.

On the other hand, Piodos and John Julian Dominic Gallardo developed a separate software intended for the City Social Welfare and Development Office to create their records effectively. The CSWD System, which was deployed in the 2021 system, includes modules for Solo Parents, Senior Citizens, and persons with disabilities. Additionally, the Assistance for Families in Crisis Situations (AFCS) system was created to track financial transactions and the organization’s budget. Another system attached to social services is the City Health Office Information System (CHOIS). Developed by AdMIS programmer Geraldine R. Nemenso and deployed to the CHO in 2022, this program includes modules for sanitary clearance, health certificates, and generating office reports.

Other new systems

AdMIS is also actively developing other programs to meet the specific needs of different city departments. For instance, the eVetTrack system is being developed to cater to the inventory management requirements of the City Veterinary Office. Similarly, the eMedTrack system is being designed for the City Health Office to enhance its operations in tracking medical records and data.

By request of the Public Employment Services Office, Nemenso also developed the job application registry (JAR) in 2020. This system records job applications and generates reports. Also developed for the CEEDMO was the Collection System, which manages vendor & stall information in the public market. AdMIS programmer Jason D. Manghano reports that this software also generates rental bills and provides various payment modes.

Hardware section updates

In the AdMIS – Hardware Section headed by Melvin Gutierrez, the team accomplished tasks such as printer installation, configuration, troubleshooting, reformatting, and repair of personal computers, laptops, and CPUs, and installation, configuration, and repair of system software and programs. Gutierrez reported they continue to cater to different offices and CGM unit requests such as set up of network connections and conduct fiber fusion, CAT 5E termination, and troubleshooting.

Under the guidance of Marc Dennis Daniot and Jason Manghano, the maintenance/connectivity team also fulfilled various requests, including installing wireless access points, resolving fiber optic line breakdowns, configuring Mikrotik routers and switches, setting up wireless connections for live coverage, and conducting network training. They also terminated fiber optic cables, provided LED display modules, and migrated connectivity to Power over Ethernet (POE) switches.

Darangina also reported, “Recognizing the growing importance of mobile applications, AdMIS is working on developing mobile applications for the data tracking system. This initiative will enable us to access and use the system easier, providing enhanced convenience for both clients and staff.”

“Furthermore, MIS is planning to upgrade several existing systems within the City Government of Malaybalay,” added Darangina. This endeavor, he said, aims to improve functionality and efficiency, aligning with the broader goal of digitizing government processes and services.

The AdMIS team is committed to advancing technology solutions that enhance operations, improve service delivery, and contribute to the overall progress of the City Government of Malaybalay. The City is poised to embrace a more digital and efficient future through these ongoing developments. (CGM)

CGM mihatag og pasidungog sa stallholders sa public market

Gipasidunggan sa City Government of Malaybalay (CGM) ang mga stallholders sa lain-laing seksyon sa public market

Sumala sa pahibalo sa CGM, ang mga stallholders gipasidunggan atol sa gipahigayon nga 2nd Monday Convocation Program sa city government niadtong Mayo 8, 2023.
Ang City Economic Enterprise Development Management Office (CEEDMO) maoy mitunol sa mga sertipiko.
Ang Certificate of Recognition – Outstanding Achievement Award gitunol ngadto sa mga stallholders agi og pag-ila sa ilang gihatag nga kontribusyon sa revenue generation sa lokal nga pangagamhanan alang sa tuig 2022 nga walay delingkuente sa milabay nga sunod-sunod nga tulo (3) ka tuig ug maoy nakapahimo kanilang Outstanding Public Market Stallholder.
Gitunol usab ang Plaque of Recognition – Outstanding Achievement Award agig pag-ila sa tinuod nga suporta sa paghatag og limpyo nga karne pinasubay sa City Ordinance No. 941 series of 2020. (MG Mayumi B. Madera)

SP Malaybalay miaproba sa MOA sa Project SAWAGA

Giaprobahan sa Sangguniang Panlungsod ang Resolution No. 2023-0309 – Isa ka Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) alang sa Project SAWAGA: Sustainability and Awareness on Water Adaptation, Governance and Action

Base sa pahibalo sa City Government sa Malaybalay, ang kasabutan gipirmahan sa Technical Educational and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) sa Bukidnon, Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) sa Bukidnon, City Government of Malaybalay, Bukidnon State University (BukSU), Barangay 9 Government Unit, Sumpong, ug Kalasungay.

Ang Project SAWAGA nagtumong sa pagpasiugda og sustainable water source management.

Lakip niini ang pagpalambo sa kinatibuk-ang pagsabot bahin sa water adaptation, governance and action, ug paghatag og technical ug practical training alang sa lokal nga mga komunidad ug mga stakeholders. (Diego M. Hidalgo)

Malaybalay City Administrator Office Conducts Ethics Management Seminar

In upholding the code of conduct and ethical standards for public officials and employees, the City Administrator Office conducted a seminar on “Ethics Management: Professionalism in the Workplace” on April 12, 2023, at People’s Hall, New City Hall, Casisang, Malaybalay City

City Mayor Atty. Jay Warren R. Pabillaran emphasized the importance of conducting and attending a seminar not for compliance only but for one’s improvement. He added that public officials and employees must live according to ethical standards.

City Administrator’s Atty. Anna Marie R. Bergado stressed that as the public sector, whatever we do and wherever we go, we should always be ethical. She asked the participants, “Which is more important, being right or kind”?

Resource Speaker Ms. Jeanyben M. Dacalanio, CHRP, discussed RA 6713, the Code of Conduct, and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees. She stated, “This is not a seminar; this is a self-assessment if we are living in an ethical standard as a government employee.” She added that as public employees, we must practice strict personal discipline and remain faithful to the people; thus, our duty is to serve and be loyal to the public- to the people of Malaybalay City.

The seminar’s highlight was the participants’ sharing about the unethical and unprofessional behaviors observed among the officials and employees of the City Government of Malaybalay. The participants also suggested solutions to address the unethical and unprofessional dilemmas, such as the strict implementation of rules and being observant and assertive to ensure that the City Government of Malaybalay officials and employees work with honesty, professionalism, commitment, and integrity. Moreover, participants shared that a seminar like this must be conducted for all employees to remind them of the ethical standards and policies expected to effectively and efficiently serve the people of Malaybalay City. (LGU Malaybalay)


1st business forum kicks-off to promote agri-tourism, business investments

To promote Malaybalay City’s investment and incentives and opportunities to business partners and stakeholders, the City government held its first business forum last March 31, 2023, held at the People’s Hall of Malaybalay City Hall with the theme” Grow with Us, Invest in the City of Malaybalay.”

The 1-day activity was spearheaded by the Local Economic Development and Investment Promotions Office (LEDIPO) together with the collaborative effort of the distinct business entities and business sectors from Malaybalay City Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI).

City Mayor Jay Warren R. Pabillaran assured the private entities the full support of the City government intending to promote the City as the center of Agri-tourism destination as well as to entice other businesses to invest in the City.

City Vice Mayor Estelito R. Marabe expressed optimism that the coming of big businesses will triple employment and will support local producers. Also, Vice Mayor Marabe gave due credit to Mayor Pabillaran for the initiative to encourage businesses to invest in the City of Malaybalay.

Moreover, Marabe emphasized the sustainability of programs and projects for the business entities and stakeholders in promoting Malaybalay as the center of Agri- tourism citing the significance with “Saka ta Malaybalay“ branding to be an investor-centered initiative.

The keynote speaker Mr. Matias Regis, Jr. from Davao City Investment Promotion Center (DCIPC) shared insights and salient features of Davao City on their common success factors and areas of improvement. He stressed the essential role of the private sectors and the urgency to go out of the comfort zone and the need to develop linkages.

The highlight of the activity was the awarding of the 2022’s highest taxpayer from 14 categories and special awards on the highest employment of the city and oldest business establishment of the city that still exists.

In addition, speakers from City Government of Malaybalay, Provincial, Regional, and National agencies also rendered their respective talked on topics to help participants have ease in doing their business, availing of grants and incentives as well as the introduction of technology and technical support in their respective business undertakings.

Also, the open forum was an avenue for the audience to raise their queries and concerns. At the end of the day, participants expressed their gratitude to the City of Malaybalay for the opportunity to attend the activity with the new insights and garnered business opportunities. Likewise, products from MSMEs and the help desk center from DOST and DTI were showcased at the entrances of the hall. (LGU Malayabalay)

SP approves the formulation, preparation and implementation of Forest Land Use Plan (FLUP)

The Sangguniang Panlungsod approved Resolution No. 2023-0297 – A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the City Government of Malaybalay (CGM) and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) regarding the joint formulation, preparation, and implementation of the Forest Land Use Plan (FLUP)

On March 7, 2023, Hon. City Mayor Jay Warren R. Pabillaran endorsed to the Sangguniang Panlungsod requesting a resolution authorizing him to enter into and sign the said Memorandum of Agreement.

Under Executive Order No. 192 (1987), the DENR is the primary government agency responsible for the sustainable development and management of the country’s environment and natural resources.

Pursuant to the national policies, the Local Government Units (LGUs) are mandated to share with the national government the responsibility for maintaining the ecological balance with their territorial jurisdictions.

This MOA shall serve as a vital system paramount to a collective, objective, and appropriate delivery of technical assistance and support services to the beneficiaries of LGU-Malaybalay to improve the governance of natural resources in forest and forestlands within their jurisdiction.

Both parties agreed to the terms and conditions stated in the said MOA.

After thorough deliberation during the 36th regular session on March 28, 2023, Hon. Alan Ryann O. Legaspi recommended and duly seconded to pass a resolution authorizing Hon. City Mayor to enter into and sign the said Memorandum of Agreement.

Through this, the city government ensures the effective use of our natural resources, especially in the forest and forestlands. (PR)

SP approves the implementation of Community-Based Drug Rehabilitation Program

The Sangguniang Panlungsod (SP) approved Resolution No. 2023-0299 – A separate Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the City Government of Malaybalay (CGM) represented by City Mayor Jay Warren R. Pabillaran with Mt. Calvary Baptist Church-Malaybalay City and the Journey Home Wellness Center relative to the implementation of Community-Based Drug Rehabilitation Program

On March 14, 2023, City Mayor Jay Warren R. Pabillaran endorsed the SP requesting legislative authorization relative to the said MOA.

Dangerous Drugs Board passed Board Resolution No. 4, Series of 2016, entitled “OPLAN SAGIP-Guidelines on Voluntary Surrender of Drug Users and Dependents and Monitoring Mechanism of Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Campaign” wherein LGUs were mandated through their Anti-Drug Abuse Councils (ADACs) to facilitate the establishment of a community-based treatment program and rehabilitation and intervention to surrenders found to be low-risk or having a moderated substance use disorder.

The LGU has implemented of Community-Based Drug Rehabilitation Program (CBDRP) which provided community-based treatment and support services to Persons Who Used Drugs (PWUD) as part of continuum care.

The LGU also continues to strengthen the Dangerous Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment Program by sustaining the brief Intervention, referral to treatment, aftercare, and reintegration program for PWUD.

Mt. Calvary Baptist Church-Malaybalay City, being a religious institution, is capable of providing psycho-socio-spiritual support to PWUDs through the use of spiritual doctrines and spiritual/faith-based structured interventions aimed at influencing the well-being of the PWUDs.

Journey Home Wellness Center is a treatment center for people who suffer from alcoholism, drugs, and other addiction and provides recovery programs, services, and treatment to drug dependents directed towards physical, emotional, psychological, vocational, social, and spiritual rehabilitation and has advocated for drug abuse prevention.

The parties agreed to the terms and conditions stated in the said MOA.

After thorough deliberation during the 36th regular session on March 28, 2023, Hon. KathleenCecille C. Pagaling, Chairman of the Committee on Health and Social Services recommended and duly seconded to pass a resolution authorizing Hon. City Mayor to enter into and sign the said Memorandum of Agreement. (PR)

Pag-implementar sa livelihood program aprobado na sa SP

Giaprobahan na sa Sangguniang Panlungsod ang Resolution Nos. 2023-0283 mao ang Memorandum of Agreement tali sa City Government of Malaybalay ug Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Regional Field Office 10 mahitungod sa pag implementar sa livelihood program

Base sa pahibalo sa lokal nga panggamhanan, kaniadtong Marso 3, 2023, si Mayor Jay Warren R. Pabillaran nag endorso ngadto sa SP uban sa paghangyo nga siya pagatugutan sa pagsulod sa isa ka kasabutan mahitungod sa nasangpit nga programa.

Tumong ug tinguha sa programa nga matabangan og mapalambo ang panginabuhian sa katawhan labi na sa mga kabus dinhi sa dakbayan.

Gi-uyunan usab sa duha ka partido ang uban pang mga termino nga natala sa nasangpit nga kasabutan. (Diego M. Hidalgo)