Sunday, May 28, 2023

AdMIS made significant progress to enhance operations of CGM

The City Administrator’s Office – Management Information System Division (AdMIS) has made significant progress in deploying various modules and programs to enhance the City Government of Malaybalay operations

The City Administrator’s Office – Management Information System Division (AdMIS) has made significant progress in deploying various modules and programs to enhance the City Government of Malaybalay operations.

This division, headed by Salick O. Darangina, recently submitted accomplishment updates, particularly on the existing and newly developed and deployed software.

The division’s overall objective is to deliver excellent services in programming, server and system maintenance, installation and repair, reformatting, and technical support for computer-related components. They also assist with live coverage, internet connection setup, and network issue resolution for all offices under the City of Malaybalay.

One notable achievement is the implementation of the Traffic Management Center (TMC) Module, which serves as a foundation for handling traffic violations and recording violators.

This system aims to promote transparency and discourage negotiations by enforcing penalties consistently.

In addition, AdMIS is preparing to launch the Online Business Application, pending approval from the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) for hosting. This application will provide a convenient platform for businesses to apply online, streamlining the process and improving efficiency.

Quicker, more efficient revenue generation data

Darangina reported that they have updated the Integrated Revenue Generation System (IRGS). This software has been used since 2013 by the City Treasurer’s Office, the Business Permits & Licensing Division (CMO-BPLD), and the City Assessor’s Office. The most recent update integrated the building permits, zoning certification, and locational clearance, resulting in more efficient revenue management for the City Government of Malaybalay (CGM).

Darangina added that the system also included improvements such as a link between business permits and tax declarations, updates to the IRGS data access manager, and optimization of login speed. Apart from this, an added feature to the system allows for the classification and organization of businesses with a Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) category for the nature of business. This addition enhances the management and analysis of businesses.

Data-specific PSB rating system

The AdMIS also takes pride in having developed the software and has since implemented the same in selecting newly-hired employees of the CGM. Dubbed as the Selection Board Rating System, this software evaluates applicants’ education, work experiences, and qualifications fairly. This system, developed and refined by Darangina, effectively selects candidates for various positions.

An improved human resource management

Since its rollout in 2011, the AdMIS has consistently kept watch and continuously improved the Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS), which is being used by the CHRM Office. This software has all the records of permanent employees, including service records, personal data, SALN, and others. In 2021, a new module was added specifically for the payroll of casual employees, generating user credentials and payroll reports. Other modules were developed for bonuses and the deduction of Pag-big MP2 contributions. Sherilyn Kaye Rain B. Dalope oversaw the development of this system.

New software for procurement and social services rolled out. To keep track of the City Government’s procurement procedure, use of acquired items and determine their usage, a logistic system was developed by Teofilo Piodos, another AdMIS programmer. The City General Services Office is now using this procurement inventory system. With the system modules now in place, the CGSO can easily track and manage the procurement processes and carry out their inspections and warehousing mandates.

On the other hand, Piodos and John Julian Dominic Gallardo developed a separate software intended for the City Social Welfare and Development Office to create their records effectively. The CSWD System, which was deployed in the 2021 system, includes modules for Solo Parents, Senior Citizens, and persons with disabilities. Additionally, the Assistance for Families in Crisis Situations (AFCS) system was created to track financial transactions and the organization’s budget. Another system attached to social services is the City Health Office Information System (CHOIS). Developed by AdMIS programmer Geraldine R. Nemenso and deployed to the CHO in 2022, this program includes modules for sanitary clearance, health certificates, and generating office reports.

Other new systems

AdMIS is also actively developing other programs to meet the specific needs of different city departments. For instance, the eVetTrack system is being developed to cater to the inventory management requirements of the City Veterinary Office. Similarly, the eMedTrack system is being designed for the City Health Office to enhance its operations in tracking medical records and data.

By request of the Public Employment Services Office, Nemenso also developed the job application registry (JAR) in 2020. This system records job applications and generates reports. Also developed for the CEEDMO was the Collection System, which manages vendor & stall information in the public market. AdMIS programmer Jason D. Manghano reports that this software also generates rental bills and provides various payment modes.

Hardware section updates

In the AdMIS – Hardware Section headed by Melvin Gutierrez, the team accomplished tasks such as printer installation, configuration, troubleshooting, reformatting, and repair of personal computers, laptops, and CPUs, and installation, configuration, and repair of system software and programs. Gutierrez reported they continue to cater to different offices and CGM unit requests such as set up of network connections and conduct fiber fusion, CAT 5E termination, and troubleshooting.

Under the guidance of Marc Dennis Daniot and Jason Manghano, the maintenance/connectivity team also fulfilled various requests, including installing wireless access points, resolving fiber optic line breakdowns, configuring Mikrotik routers and switches, setting up wireless connections for live coverage, and conducting network training. They also terminated fiber optic cables, provided LED display modules, and migrated connectivity to Power over Ethernet (POE) switches.

Darangina also reported, “Recognizing the growing importance of mobile applications, AdMIS is working on developing mobile applications for the data tracking system. This initiative will enable us to access and use the system easier, providing enhanced convenience for both clients and staff.”

“Furthermore, MIS is planning to upgrade several existing systems within the City Government of Malaybalay,” added Darangina. This endeavor, he said, aims to improve functionality and efficiency, aligning with the broader goal of digitizing government processes and services.

The AdMIS team is committed to advancing technology solutions that enhance operations, improve service delivery, and contribute to the overall progress of the City Government of Malaybalay. The City is poised to embrace a more digital and efficient future through these ongoing developments. (CGM)

Orientation sa Family Disaster Preparedness sa Brgy. 10 – Malaybalay, gipahigayon

Gitambongan sa mga opisyales sa purok, sitio ug zone sa Barangay 10 ingon man sa mga ulo sa pamilya nga apektado sa baha niadtong Oktubre 2022 sa maong barangay, ang gipahigayon nga Family Disaster Preparedness Orientation niadtong Abril 27, 2023 didto sa maong barangay

Nahimong hilisgutanan sa maong orientasyon ang kabahin sa Basic Concepts of Disaster, Disaster Management, Family Preparedness (Family Emergency Plan and Emergency Go Bag/Kit) ang gihatag sa mga personahe sa City Social Welfare and Development Office.

Ang pagpahigayon sa maong orientasyon gihimo aron mapauswag pa ang mga kapasidad sa mga residente ug community leaders ug ingon man madungagan pa ang ilang mga kahibalo sa pagdumala ug pagpangandam sa mga katalagman nga moabot. Ug ingon man, aron mahimo na unya kini nila nga kabahin sa ilang kinabuhi kung unsa ang angay i-andam ug buhaton sa wala pa, kung anaa na, ingon man kung mahuman na ang usa ka hitabo. (LGU Malaybalay)

Social Pension alang sa mga Senior Citizens gipang apud-apud sa Malaybalay

Ang lokal nga pangagamhanan sa Malaybalay pinaagi sa City Social Welfare and Development Office mipahigayon sa pagpang apud-apud sa Social Pension alang sa mga Indigent Senior Citizens nga nag edad 65 anyos pataas

Nakatakda nga modawat ang 3,252 ka mga kabus, masakiton ug mga walay suporta gikan sa ilang pamilya nga mga Senior Citizens sa ilang unang semestral nga social pension nga magkantidad ug P3,000.00.

Ang mga kwalipikadong benepisyaro sa social pension program sa Indigent Senior Citizens mahatagan ug P 500.00 matag bulan ug ihatag kini matag semestral isip tabang pagsuplemento sa inadlaw-adlaw nila nga panginahanglanon.

Ang pagpang apud-apud sa población cluster gibahin ngadto sa tulo (3), kini didto sa Barangay Sumpong ug Casisang, Barangay 9, ug Barangay Cabangahan covered court niadtong Marso 28, 2023.

Pagka Marso 29, 2023 ang sa Upper Pulangi/Can-ayan Cluster gipahigayon didto sa Barangay Kulaman, Barangay Zamboanguita ug Barangay Can-ayan covered court. Samtang sa Basakan cluster gipahigayon kini didto sa Barangay Managok ug Simaya covered court niadtong Marso 30, 2023.
Ang tanan nga mga senior citizens nga wala naka kuha sa ilang social pension sa gitakda nga skedyul gihatagan ug laing adlaw niadtong Abril 19, 2023 didto sa Barangay 9.

Adunay 3,215 sa total nga 3,252 ka mga indigent senior citizens ang naka kuha sa ilang pension ug mikabat kini suma total ngadto sa P 9,639,000.00. (LGU Malaybalay)

CSWDO’s 3-day skills demonstration in celebration of Women with Disabilities Day, conducted

The City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO), in partnership with the Women with Disabilities in the City of Malaybalay, join the whole nation in celebrating the 19th Women with Disabilities Day, anchored to the theme “We for Gender Equality and an Inclusive Society.”

As part of the celebration, a skills demonstration on how to cook pineapple jam was conducted by clusters in order to allow the women with disabilities to learn new skills that can be used if they want to engage in business, last March 20 in Barangay 9, last March 21 in Barangay Aglayan, last March 23 in Barangay Simaya and Zamboanguita, respectively, and a forum last March 27 at the People’s Hall, New City Hall, Casisang, this city.

It is in line with Proclamation No. 744 issued on December 6, 2004, declaring the last Monday of March every year as Women with Disabilities Day, which is led by the National Council on Disability Affairs (NCDA).

It is believed that the total development and empowerment of women is a state policy enshrined in the 1987 Philippine Constitution, which specifically provides that the state recognizes the role of women in nation-building and shall ensure the fundamental equality of women and men before the law.

The event was attended by 140 women with disabilities within the city of Malaybalay. During the forum, several topics were discussed in order to help address the concerns of women with disabilities.

The first topic, “Reproductive Health for Women,” was discussed by Dr. Ann Michelle Go, the city’s rural health physician.

The second topic, “Family Enhancement through Spirituality,” was discussed by Pastor Edel Singson from the PopDev section of City Health.

The third topic is an orientation on “ProtecTEEN,” which was given by Ms. Arlene Sanchez, a social worker from CSWD.

The fourth and last topic is “Financial Management,” which was given by Mr. Emmanuel Tomada, a social worker from CSWD.

A total of Php 120,000.00 has been set aside for the event’s success. (LGU Malaybalay)

CSWDO highlights sectors’ success stories In the CGM 2nd Monday Convo

The City Social Welfare and Development Office headed by Ivy Amor C. Urbina sponsored the second Monday convocation on April 17, 2023, held at the Peoples’ Hall wherein they featured inspiring and success stories from various sectors they have served and worked with per their office mandate

In his opening remarks, project development officer Reynaldo Valdez welcomed the City Government officials and employees, as well as the invited guests. For her part in introducing the sharers from various sectors, Urbina reiterated that social welfare “covers practically everything that men do for the good of human society.” She emphasized that contrary to their office being perceived as a giver of “dole outs,” and that we need to capacitate the people in addressing their own needs. Urbina said that to show the face of social welfare today and how they have empowered the citizens, they opted to invite representatives from the various sectors to share their experiences.

From the youth sector, Sheree Ann Porlares from Bgry. Maligaya, who joined the PAG-ASA Youth Association almost a decade ago. She shared her learnings and guidance of the CSWD officers over the years, and how PYEAP has helped many other youths in the City.

Zoraida E. Montero, a person with disability/differently-abled individual, recounted how she benefited from the programs of the City Government. On the other hand, livelihood beneficiary Artenio Doldol of Brgy. Busdi recounted how they were affected by the pandemic. He went on to express gratitude for the livelihood support which helped his family with their day-to-day living. Doldol proudly shared that even after the pandemic, his small-scale ice cream business has flourished, and he now supplies ice cream to some 13 stores in Upper Pulangi.

Lea Cahucom who is a solo parent stressed the empowering experience of being in their organization. She extended her gratitude to the CSWDO and the City Government for the various projects for their group. Cahucom shared how she was able to cope well with the challenges and responsibilities as a mother all on her own raising her child. After the heartwarming sharing came another from 4Ps beneficiary, Alma Berayon. Apart from the consistent financial assistance she received, she also shared how the program gave her confidence and positivity in life.

As an additional highlight of the program, the Sangguniang Panlungsod handed a resolution recognizing the recent success of Joselino “Yoyong” Sacayle. He is the third placer in the 100-kilometer international trail running competition, Cuc Phuong Jungle Paths, in Vietnam. The SP Resolution expressed congratulations to Sacayle in the field of trail running, including his outstanding feats in Mt. Apo and Rizal provinces’ mountain races.

In his message, City Mayor Jay Warren R. Pabillaran stressed the importance of hard work even amid the social benefits people get from the government. He also provided updates on the City Government initiatives for the whole daycare program. He cited the efforts of the CSWDO staff who attend to the daily flow of requests for medical assistance, and hospital billing, among others.

Closing the program was social welfare officer Hilsam Quemada who thanked the officials and employees present for the convocation. (LGU Malaybalay)