Sunday, May 28, 2023

SP Malaybalay miaproba sa MOA sa Project SAWAGA

Giaprobahan sa Sangguniang Panlungsod ang Resolution No. 2023-0309 – Isa ka Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) alang sa Project SAWAGA: Sustainability and Awareness on Water Adaptation, Governance and Action

Base sa pahibalo sa City Government sa Malaybalay, ang kasabutan gipirmahan sa Technical Educational and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) sa Bukidnon, Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) sa Bukidnon, City Government of Malaybalay, Bukidnon State University (BukSU), Barangay 9 Government Unit, Sumpong, ug Kalasungay.

Ang Project SAWAGA nagtumong sa pagpasiugda og sustainable water source management.

Lakip niini ang pagpalambo sa kinatibuk-ang pagsabot bahin sa water adaptation, governance and action, ug paghatag og technical ug practical training alang sa lokal nga mga komunidad ug mga stakeholders. (Diego M. Hidalgo)

SP approves the formulation, preparation and implementation of Forest Land Use Plan (FLUP)

The Sangguniang Panlungsod approved Resolution No. 2023-0297 – A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the City Government of Malaybalay (CGM) and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) regarding the joint formulation, preparation, and implementation of the Forest Land Use Plan (FLUP)

On March 7, 2023, Hon. City Mayor Jay Warren R. Pabillaran endorsed to the Sangguniang Panlungsod requesting a resolution authorizing him to enter into and sign the said Memorandum of Agreement.

Under Executive Order No. 192 (1987), the DENR is the primary government agency responsible for the sustainable development and management of the country’s environment and natural resources.

Pursuant to the national policies, the Local Government Units (LGUs) are mandated to share with the national government the responsibility for maintaining the ecological balance with their territorial jurisdictions.

This MOA shall serve as a vital system paramount to a collective, objective, and appropriate delivery of technical assistance and support services to the beneficiaries of LGU-Malaybalay to improve the governance of natural resources in forest and forestlands within their jurisdiction.

Both parties agreed to the terms and conditions stated in the said MOA.

After thorough deliberation during the 36th regular session on March 28, 2023, Hon. Alan Ryann O. Legaspi recommended and duly seconded to pass a resolution authorizing Hon. City Mayor to enter into and sign the said Memorandum of Agreement.

Through this, the city government ensures the effective use of our natural resources, especially in the forest and forestlands. (PR)

SP approves the implementation of Community-Based Drug Rehabilitation Program

The Sangguniang Panlungsod (SP) approved Resolution No. 2023-0299 – A separate Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the City Government of Malaybalay (CGM) represented by City Mayor Jay Warren R. Pabillaran with Mt. Calvary Baptist Church-Malaybalay City and the Journey Home Wellness Center relative to the implementation of Community-Based Drug Rehabilitation Program

On March 14, 2023, City Mayor Jay Warren R. Pabillaran endorsed the SP requesting legislative authorization relative to the said MOA.

Dangerous Drugs Board passed Board Resolution No. 4, Series of 2016, entitled “OPLAN SAGIP-Guidelines on Voluntary Surrender of Drug Users and Dependents and Monitoring Mechanism of Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Campaign” wherein LGUs were mandated through their Anti-Drug Abuse Councils (ADACs) to facilitate the establishment of a community-based treatment program and rehabilitation and intervention to surrenders found to be low-risk or having a moderated substance use disorder.

The LGU has implemented of Community-Based Drug Rehabilitation Program (CBDRP) which provided community-based treatment and support services to Persons Who Used Drugs (PWUD) as part of continuum care.

The LGU also continues to strengthen the Dangerous Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment Program by sustaining the brief Intervention, referral to treatment, aftercare, and reintegration program for PWUD.

Mt. Calvary Baptist Church-Malaybalay City, being a religious institution, is capable of providing psycho-socio-spiritual support to PWUDs through the use of spiritual doctrines and spiritual/faith-based structured interventions aimed at influencing the well-being of the PWUDs.

Journey Home Wellness Center is a treatment center for people who suffer from alcoholism, drugs, and other addiction and provides recovery programs, services, and treatment to drug dependents directed towards physical, emotional, psychological, vocational, social, and spiritual rehabilitation and has advocated for drug abuse prevention.

The parties agreed to the terms and conditions stated in the said MOA.

After thorough deliberation during the 36th regular session on March 28, 2023, Hon. KathleenCecille C. Pagaling, Chairman of the Committee on Health and Social Services recommended and duly seconded to pass a resolution authorizing Hon. City Mayor to enter into and sign the said Memorandum of Agreement. (PR)

CAAP bids out Bukidnon Airport’s P1-B Phase 4

MALAYBALAY CITY – The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines has updated the schedule of the bid submission and opening of the P1-billion Phase IV of the construction of the Bukidnon Airport, based on bid documents as of March 7, 2023

This 900-day phase of the Bukidnon Airport Development Project is expected to start on May 25, 2023, and to be completed on November 10, 2025.

CAAP set the new deadline for submission and opening of bids for the P970.3 million phase on March 30, 2023, according to the bid bulletin issued by Captain Edgardo G. Diaz, Chair, CAAP Bids, and Awards Committee.

The Bukidnon Airport, located in Barangay Maraymaray in Don Carlos, in the southern part of the province, is one of the flagship projects of the government in Northern Mindanao.

The phase covers the site preparation of the land side area; construction of access road and vehicular parking area; industrial lighting and exterior power distribution, nine-storey control tower building; two-story administration building; the communal toilet; waiting area; A and B ticketing booths – A (four units) and B (two units); 10,000-gallons steel water tank A and B; pump house A, B, and C; powerhouse; transform yard (two units); CSIS office building; cargo terminal building; rescue and firefighting facility; STP control room; guardhouse A & B; covered pathway, 13 Units; lifting station with 26 service manholes; water impounding system; and staff house building.

CAAP has reported about 8.26% actual accomplishment in the airport’s Phase 3 or the construction of passenger terminal building, runway strip, and runway Extension, among others as of a status report of February 28, 2023.

CAAP awarded the P958.4 million project phase to Tokwing Construction Corp./Mamsar Construction and Industrial Corporation. The 540-day project started on September 10, 2022, and is due for completion on April 3, 2024, after a revision.

Contractor Jasa Builders completed the construction of the project’s P74.5 million Phase 2 on October 9, 2022, which CAAP inspectors checked on November 16, 2022.

CAAP has reported 48.25% actual accomplishment in the airport construction’s Phase 1, which was awarded to Eddmari Construction and Trading. As of February 28, 2023, this project phase is due for completion on April 20, 2023.

The CAAP project status report, however, showed a number of adjustments in project completion.

Based on the project profile, the Phase 1 project duration was increased from 330 to 440 calendar days due to an approved variation order. The completion was first extended from June 28, 2022, to October 15, 2022. The same duration was adjusted by another approved variation order to April 8, 2023, due to “unworkable/rainy days”. Another extension was given up to April 20, 2023, due again to unfavorable conditions and delayed payments of 1st progress billing.

Although declared complete and inspected as of November 2022, the CAAP status report also cited that the project’s Phase 2, on embankment works, was also extended due to “unworkable/rainy days”.

Based on the CAAP report, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) has downloaded to CAAP a total of P2.816 billion from 2019 to 2022 to the four phases of the project, which is expected to be completed in 2026.

For Phase 1, the DOTr downloaded P200 million of its annual budget to CAAP with a memorandum of agreement approved on April 25, 2019. From the 2019 GAA (General Appropriations Act), DOTr downloaded an additional P430 million.

In Phase 2, the DOTr downloaded P136.8 million of its GAA to CAAP with a MOA signed on January 10, 2019.

In Phase 3, the DOTr downloaded a total of P1.05 billion to CAAP with a MOA approved on June 10, 2021.

Finally, for Phase 4, the DOTr downloaded a total of P1 billion to CAAP with a MOA approved also on June 10, 2021.

In November 2021, then-Senate Majority Leader Zubiri reported construction of the P2 billion (USD39.8 million) Bukidnon Airport project to be fully completed in 2026.

According to the Center for Aviation website, once operational the Bukidnon Airport is expected to accommodate aircraft including the ATR-72 and Bombardier Q400.

When the Bukidnon Airport was being conceptualized, Sen, Zubiri pushed for the project and has since supported its construction. In 2012, Senator Zubiri earmarked a portion of his Priority Development Assistance Fund to start the construction of the airport.

He said he has looked for additional sources from Official Development Assistance and other international aid agencies to fund the bigger portion of the project.

He added that an airport in the province is important as the Laguindingan International Airport is set to operate in 2012. Land travel from Bukidnon to the new airport has taken much longer.

In 2011, then President Benigno Simeon Aquino tasked the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) to conduct a feasibility study for an airport “more central in Mindanao” so that distances to and from various areas will make more economic sense. Aquino had said that most Mindanao airports are located near the coast.

Initially, CAAP inspected three sites for the proposed airport, which were all considered “technically feasible”; the current site, another area in Cabangahan here in Malaybalay, and in Dabongdabong, Valencia City. (BukidnonNews.Net)

DMPI mipasalig nga motuman sa mga lagda sa lokal nga kagamhanan

Mipasalig ang Del Monte Philippines, Incorporated (DMPI) nga motuman sa mga lagda sa lokal nga kagamhanan, human gidapit sa 27th Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP), atol sa Committee

Hearing sa Committee of the Whole, niadtong Marso 7, 2023 sa SP Session Hall, Capitol Compound, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon.
Nasayran pinaagi sa sunod-sunod nga monitoring sa City Environment and Natural Resources Office (ENRO), nga pipila ka mga gi-alegar nga kalapasan ang nahimo sa DMPI, lakip na ang dili awtorisadong pagpalapad niini sa ilang pineapple plantations sa pipila ka mga barangay sa syudad sa Malaybalay, sukwahi sa nakalatid sa ilang Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC).
Nahibaloan usab nga pipila sa ilang operasyon ang wala makakuha ug clearances o endorsement gikan sa mga hingtungdang barangays ug sa LGU-Malaybalay, ingon man napakyas kini ug kuha sa mga clearances gikan sa City Planning alang sa zoning certification ug sa City Agriculture’s Office alang sa food security purposes and sufficiency, hinungdan nga wala sila mahatagan ug business permit.
Gani, sunod-sunod nga mga resolusyon ang gipalabang ni 2nd District Board Member Nemesio B. Beltran, Jr., aron hangyoon ang Multi-partite Monitoring Team (MMT) ug Provincial Agriculture Office (PAgrO), nga imbestigahan ang maong kalapasan sa mga resolusyon ug ordinasa sa SP ug sa Sangguniang Panlungsod sa Malaybalay City, aron matuki kini sa
hawanan sa SP. Sa moang pagdungog, gibutyag ni Atty. Marco Parpan, Legal Counsel sa DMPI, nga kasamtanangan na silang naglihok sa pag-comply sa gikinahanglang mga rekisitos ug nagpasalig nga makigkooperar sa City ENRO, aron hingpit masunod ang mga lagda sa lokal nga kagamhanan, diin andam usab ang City ENRO nga tabangan sila niini nga lakang, sanglit nahimo usab silang kaabag sa kalambuan, ilabi na sa job opportunities niini sa probinsya. Giklaro usab ni Ms. Maria Anita L. Fernandez, City ENR Officer nga dili lamang DMPI ang ilang gitutokan, apan ang tanang plantasyon nga naglihok sa syudad, aron masiguro nga nagsunod kini sa mga ang environmental mitigations ug malikayan ang posibling pagbaha sa umaabot. (PR)

Execs ink MOA for IPs village in Malaybalay

MALAYBALAY CITY (Feb. 10) – Officials have signed the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for P50 million Daraghuyan Tribal Village to be constructed inside Daraghuyan Tribe Ancestral Domain area in Brgy. Dalwangan.

The signing ceremony for the 80 housing units was held at Loiza’s Pavilion, Brgy. Casisang in the city on Feb. 10.

City Mayor Florencio T. Flores Jr. represented the City Government, Bae Inatlawan Adelina Tarino, for the recipient Daraghuyan Tribe and representing the National Housing Authority (NHA) Engr. Madeleine Gilda S. Abbellera, NHA district manager of Bukidnon, Misamis Occidental, Lanao del Norte District Office.

Mayor Flores expressed his gratitude to NHA for assisting the housing plan and pledged the project’s full support.

Bae Tarino, in her message, acknowledged the efforts of the previous and current administration for the realization of the project.

The plan reached the Sangguniang Panlungsod in 2016 during the administration of Former Mayor Ignacio W. Zubiri but realized in the current term of Mayor Flores.

On the other hand, Abbellera clarified that in 2016 the allocation was only P10 million, but it was doubled this time.

“Housing project for Indigenous People (IPs) is one of the priorities of President Rodrigo Duterte. The P20 million grants will be downloaded to the Local Government Unit of Malaybalay as the implementing agency of the project,” Abbellera said.

She said each housing unit is worth P250,000.

“The project that will be completed within 210 Calendar Days will be covering about two hectares inside the Ancestral Domain of Daraghuyan Tribe in Brgy. Dalwangan. The housing is a single detached type (with division inside for two bedrooms) with 80 sq.m. lot area, 20 sq.m. ground floor area and 10 sq.m. second-floor area, will have CHB walling and with corrugated sheet roofing,” Abbellera said.

Parts of the housing project are water and power line connections.

She said just recently; the city government is in the process of creating an access road to the project area.

She added the construction of the housing project will begin 60 days after the fund is downloaded to the city government.

The NCIP approved the Bukidnon-Daraghuyan Certificate of Ancestral Domain Title, covering 4,203 hectares in March 2010.