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Shooting Incident at Valencia City


Central Mindanao Newswatch - local newspaper

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PCOL JOVIT L CULAWAY, OIC Buk PPO reported to Regional Director PBGEN RICARDO G LAYUG, JR regarding the shooting incident at 11:30 AM of November 13, 2023 at Purok 2-A, Barangay Kahaponan, Valencia City, Bukidnon.

Upon arrival of the team at the area, a male person was found lying with face
downward position sustaining several gunshot wounds on his body. The victim was
later identified as 44 years old, married, DPWH road maintenance employee and a
resident of Purok 4, San Fernando, Bukidnon. The said victim was brought by the
rescue team of LGU Valencia City to Adventist Medical Center (Sanitarium), Valencia
City for medical treatment but declared dead on arrival at around 12:35 PM of
November 13, 2023 by the attending physician.

Accordingly, while the victim was busy spraying weeds along the side of Kapalong-
Talaingod-Valencia Road, two (2) male suspects wearing facemask came closer and

without apparent reason fired several times unto the victim using a firearm believed to
be .45 caliber pistol hitting the different parts of the victim’s body. The victim ran going
to the rice field but fell down more or less 15 meters away from the road. The two (2)
suspects immediately fled towards unknown direction after the incident.
The responding personnel conducted hot pursuit operation for the possible
apprehension of the feeling suspects. Furthermore, the IOC requested the assistance
of SOCO Team from Bukidnon Forensic Field Unit, Malaybalay City to process the
crime scene. The SOCO Team recovered from the crime scene Three pieces fired
cartridge case and one Fired Bullet of believed to be a .45 caliber pistol.
Valencia CPS is now conducting through investigation to determine the identity of the
suspects and motive of the incident.
The OIC ordered Valencia CPS to conduct thorough investigation of the incident, and
arrest of the culprit/s for its immediate resolution. He also encouraged the public to be
vigilant in their surroundings at all times and report immediately anyone acting in a
suspicious manner, or if threatened in any way. He also stated that cooperation and
support of community is the key to make Bukidnon a safe place to live and do

Vehicular Accident at Malaybalay City

PCOL JOVIT L CULAWAY, OIC Buk PPO reported to Regional Director PBGEN
RICARDO G LAYUG, JR regarding a vehicular accident transpired at Sayre
Higheway, Purok 5, Barangay San Jose, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon involving the
following vehicles:

a. Vehicle-1 (V-1) Toyota Hilux Pick Truck, color extreme black, bearing
plate number YGF 189, registered to and driven by 36 years old, married
and a resident of Purok-6 Barangay San Jose, Malaybalay City,
Bukidnon, holder of driver’s license;
b. Vehicle-2 (V-2) Suzuki Passenger Multicab (PUV), color white,
bearing plate no. KWA 629, registered to a resident of Cabanglasan
Bukidnon driven by 44 years old, widower and a resident of Purok-2, Iba
Cabanglasan, Bukidnon, holder of driver’s license; and
c. Vehicle-3 (V-3) Toyota Hilux Pick-up Truck, color freedom white,
bearing plate no. KAI 1138 registered to and driven by 49 years old,
physician, married and a resident of Purok-2B, Barangay Aglayan,
Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, holder of driver’s license.

All involved vehicles were travelling along the inner lane of southbound lane heading
south direction. Upon reaching at the place of accident, V-1 decelerate its motion to
evade the ahead V-2 that was merging to the outer lane coming from inner lane of the
highway, when accidentally the rear left side portion of V-1 was hit/bumped by the
front portion of tailing V-3. Subsequently, V-1 was pushed forward on the road
shoulder of the southbound, while V-3 continue its motion and its front portion further
hit/bumped the rear portion V-2. Afterwards, V-2 was pushed forward and its front
portion hit/bumped the rear portion of Veh-1. As a result, all vehicles involved incurred
damages and injuries were sustained by the following passengers of V-2 namely:
a. 26 years old, single and a resident of Purok 4B, Aglayan, Malaybalay
City, Bukidnon;
b. 28 years old, single and a resident of Purok 8, Poblacion, Impasugong,
c. 57 years old, married and a resident of Purok 2, Managok, Malaybalay
City, Bukidnon;
d. 33 years old, single and a resident of Iba, Cabanglasan, Bukidnon;
e. 53 years old, married and a resident of Purok 1, Anlugan, Cabanglasan,
f. 50 years old, married and a resident of Anlugan, Cabanglasan,
Bukidnon; and

g. 51 years old, married, and a resident of Purok 2, Managok, Malaybalay
City, Bukidnon.

The injured passengers were immediately rescued by the responding personnel of
Malaybalay Emergency Rescue Unit (MERU) and brought to Bukidnon Provincial
Medical Center (BPMC), Malaybalay City for immediate medical treatment.
Further, all vehicles involved and its respective drivers were brought to Malaybalay
CPS for proper disposition.
The OIC ordered Malaybalay CPS to strictly implement traffic laws and conduct
random checkpoints for the safety of the motorists. He also stated to practice a
responsible attitude and take extra care precautions while driving and cooperate with
the authorities in terms of road safety rules and policies.###
Malaybalay CPS

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