Friday, December 08, 2023

New Normal ordinance sa Bukidnon, andam ipatuman

Andam ipatuman sa probinsya sa Bukidnon ang Provincial Ordinance No. 2020-028R (26th SP) o ang New Normal Ordinance, ugaling adunay mosulod nga virus o pandemya sama sa COVID-19, pinasikad sa gipasa nga sugyot-resolusyon ni Board Member Nemesio B. Beltran, Jr., atol sa ika-60 nga regular session sa Sangguniang Panlalawigan, Oktobre 3, 2023

Nakalatid sa maong ordinansa nga ugaling adunay proclamation national o international kabahin sa health emergency, ang mga nakalatid nga mga health protocols dinhi mao ang masunod apan kung wala magdeklara ang mga hingtungdang opisina o ahensya o organisasyon, kini nga New Normal Ordinance ang masunod sa panahon nga adunay masinati nga virus o unsa mang health emergency sa lalawigan. (LGU Bukidnon)

SP Bukidnon urges BIR to refund BSKE registration fee

The Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) Bukidnon is urging the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) to refund the Php535.00 collected registration and official receipt booklet fee of the candidates for the October 30, 2023, Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan Election (BSKE)

On September 26, the 27th SP during its 59th regular session unanimously passed the resolution on the purpose upon motion of SP member Nemesio B. Beltran Jr.

In a statement, the Provincial Government of Bukidnon (PGB) said that the SP considered the resolution as urgent.

The SP also resolved that copies will be sent to the Revenue District Office (RDO) – 99 of the BIR based on Malaybalay City and to all its field offices in Bukidnon and other concerned government agencies for their information and reference.

Earlier, the SP passed a resolution upon motion by Beltran urging the BIR and Commission on Elections (Comelec) to hold in abeyance the requirement of registration by the BSKE candidates pending appropriate information campaign by the BIR legally acceptable answers to the valid and legitimate queries and concerns of the citizens of the province of Bukidnon. It also sought the swift intervention and assistance of Senate President Juan Miguel F. Zubiri.

The previous resolution came out in response to the implementation of the Memorandum Circular No. 22-2022 dated February 21, 2022, requiring all candidates to submit duly accomplished BIR forms and payment of the Annual Registration Fee (ARF) within 30 days after filing their Certificate of Candidacy (COC) with the Comelec.

Beltran said that the memorandum caused undue confusion among the BSKE candidates in Bukidnon as they are caught off-guard with these requirements due mainly to the lack of a substantial and appropriate information dissemination campaign on the part of the BIR.

On September 20, 2023, the Comelec through the Deputy Director for Operations timely issued an Urgent Advisory to all Regional Election Directors and Provincial Election Supervisors nationwide, to notify all candidates in their respective jurisdiction by whatever means possible that “BIR registration and payment of the corresponding BIR registration of candidates are not required for filing of a certificate of candidacy nor are they prerequisites for continuing as candidates”.

As disclosed by the SP, based on the Comelec list, there are more than 15,000 candidates who are vying for the BSKE positions from the 464 barangays in the province.

As of press time, the Central Mindanao Newswatch is seeking comments from RDO-99 regarding the issues. (MG Mayumi B. Madera)

123rd PCSA Celebration pormal nga gibuksan

Pormal nga gibuksan sa Provincial Government of Bukidnon (PGB) ang kasaulogan sa ika-123 nga Philippine Civil Service Anniversary (PCSA) sa tibuok bulan sa Setyembre, dungan sa gipahigayon nga Monthly Convocation nga gi-sponsoran sa Provincial Planning & Development Office (PPDO), Provincial Human Resource Management Office (PHRMO) ug PGO-Provincial Tourism Division, Setyembre 4, 2023 sa Kaamulan Open Theater, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon

Sa mensahe ni Governor Roque gipasalig niini ang pagsiguro ug pagsuporta sa mga programa sa buhatan sa PHRMO alang sa pagpalambo sa kahanas ug professional development sa mga empleyado aron mapadayon ang paghatag sa excellent service ngadto sa publiko. Lakip sa gilantaw niini ang plano sa Bukidnon isip eco-friendly tourism ug ang mga programa sa lalawigan nga maggamit sa insaktong data alang sa mas epektibo ug malungtarong resulta.

Mitambong usab niini si Director Lourdez B. Pelaez sa Civil Service Commission (CSC) – Bukidnon Field Office, kinsa mipasabot nga ang PCSA karong tuiga nagtutok sa paghulma sa mga mamumuo sa gobyerno nga magmalahutayon, sa ingon, mas mapalig-on ang ilang organisasyon ug makahimo sa pagbarug taliwala sa mga pagsulay. Anaa usab ang mga miyembro sa 27th Sangguniang Panlalawigan pinangunahan ni Vice Governor Clive D. Quiño.

Sa maong higayon, gi-presenta ang mga kandidata sa Mr. & Ms. Civil Service 2023 sa matag PGB Clusters. Nakahan-ay usab ang mga kalihukan sa tibuok bulan sa Setyembre ang Outreach Program, Friendly Games, BCSS Orientation, Health and Wellness Activities, Fun Run, Cheer Dance, Indigenous Games, MusikLABAN ug uban pa.

Ang PCSA karung tuiga nagtangag sa tema nga “Transforming Public Service in the Next Decade: Honing Agile and Future-Ready Servant Heroes”, kansang selebrasyon gipaluyuhan sa Civil Service Commission (CSC) ubos sa Presidential Proclamation No. 1050 s. 1997. (LGU Bukidnon)

SP Bukidnon declares Pura Luka Vega persona non grata

ILIGAN CITY – The Sangguniang Panlalawigan has passed a resolution declaring Amadeus Fernando Pagente, also known as Pura Luka Vega, a persona non-grata or unacceptable person in the province of Bukidnon

Authored by Vice Gov. Clive D. Quiño and co-authored by all Sangguniang Panlalawigan members, the resolution was approved in the 52nd regular session of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan last August 8 at the Sangguniang Panlalawigan session hall, Malaybalay City.

The resolution stated that the declaration was issued because of the recent viral video of the person in question dancing to a remix of the “Ama Namin” or Lord’s Prayer while donning a Black Nazarene-inspired attire in a bar in Metro Manila.

The resolution said the video is blasphemous, offensive, and insulting to the Christian religion and that Pagente also performed some other material that was said to have mocked sacred Catholic imagery, figures, and practices.

The Sangguniang Panlalawigan quoted Article 201 of the Revised Penal Code, which penalizes, among others, “those who, in theaters, fairs, cinematographers, or any other place exhibit indecent or immoral plays, scenes, acts or shows, whether live or in film, which are prescribed by virtue thereof…” which include those that “offend any race or religion.”

The provincial board also quoted Section 6 of the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, which constitutes the offense as a cybercrime if the crime uses cyberspace as a medium and that the act was, according to the resolution, “the pinnacle of the misuse and abuse of our freedom of expression and borders on criminal activity.”

Pagente responded online to these declarations, stating, “Tell me EXACTLY what I did wrong. I’m open to dialogue, yet cities have been declaring persona non grata without even knowing me or understanding the intent of the performance. Drag is art. You judge me, yet you don’t even know me.”

Netizens are divided on whether or not Pagente’s actions were justified in the name of art or a mockery of the Catholic church.

Pagente has also been declared persona non grata in the town of Toboso in Negros Occidental, General Santos City, and the municipality of Floridablanca, Pampanga. (Manila Bulletin)

Katukuran sa perimeter fence sa Grandstand sa Malaybalay, aprobado na

Gi-aprobahan sa 27th Sangguniang Panlalawigan ang hangyo alang sa katukuran sa perimeter fence sa Grandstand, sa Barangay Sumpong, ning dakbayan

Base sa pahibalo sa Provincial Government of Bukidnon, ang sugyot giaprobahan sa ika-55 nga nga regular session sa 27th SP niadtong Agosto 01, 2023 sa SP Session Hall sa Malaybalay.

Ang contract cost sa proyelto mikabat sa Php4,090,904.33.

Gipakisayod nga ang maong perimeter fence adunay kinatibuk-ang gitas-on nga 392.48 metros nga maglibot sa luna nga gipanag-iyahan sa probinsya.

Gibutyag usab niini nga gilantaw sa PGB nga matukuran kini og multi-storey offices sa umaabot, nga mamahimong okuparan sa mga PGB offices. (Diego M. Hidalgo)

464 ka barangay sa Bukidnon, gawasnon na insurhensiya

Gawasnon na gikan sa insurhensiya ang tanang 464 ka mga barangay sa probinsya sa Bukidnon

Base sa pahibalo sa Provincial Government of Bukidnon, gipahibalo kini ni 403rd Brigade Commander Michele B. Anayron Jr., atol sa iyang pagtambong sa ika-49 nga regular session sa 27th Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) niadtong Hulyo 18, 2023 sa SP Session Hall, ning dakbayan.

Giklaro nga pinaagi sa gipahigayon nga Community Support Program, na-classify isip cleared ang tanang barangays sa probinsya.

Apan aduna pay 27 niini ang targeted for recovery o gipugngan nga dili na mapabalik ang kanhi mga mass bases sa maong lugar.

Gilantaw sa 403rd nga sa katapusan ning tuig 2023 nga mapapha na ang nagpabiling armadong grupo gawas sa probinsya sa Bukidnon. (Omar Rashid Z. Abdullah)

2 MILALITTRA Leaders reconciled

Two key MILALITTRA (Miarayon-Lapok-Lirongan-Tinaytayan-Talaandig Tribal Association) leaders formally settled their leadership row in a reconciliation ritual rite held at MILALITTRA Tribal Tulugan in Brgy. Lirongan, Talakag, Bukidnon on July 20, 2023, morning

Datu Lilingayon Ryan Daño, overall chieftain and chairman of MILALITTRA, openly accepted the peace offering from Datu Dungkuan Dexter Besto.

Datu Besto assumes the position vacated by his late father, Datu Rio Besto.

Late Datu Besto was appointed as the head claimant of MILALITTRA when they applied for their certificate of Ancestral Domain Title (CADT) covering the four barangays such as Miarayon, Lapok, Lirongan, and San Miguel, in Talakag town.

The tribal leaders, mostly from Besto’s camp, raised an amount of cash needed for the ritual, and they also brought a carabao that was butchered as part of the reconciliation rites.

Atty. Arbie Saway Llesis, known as Datu Bagani, Bukidnon Provincial IPMR (Indigenous People’s Mandatory Representative), tribal leaders and members witnessed as Datu Daño and Datu Besto shook their hands as a sign of their reconciliation.

Datu Llesis, an Ex-Officio board member of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Bukidnon, said that he did not attend the scheduled IMPR Summit in Manila because he prioritized witnessing the reconciliation rites being a part of his task as IPMR of the Province.

Atty. Llesis narrated that the misunderstandings started when the town mayor of Talakag and the Mt. Kalatungan Tribal Council publicly mentioned that Datu Dexter Besto is the overall head of MILALITTRA.

He clarified that the involved camps met at the Bukidnon Provincial Office of the National Commission on Indigenous People (NCIP) in Malaybalay City last June 14, 2023, to settle the issue.

He said the reconciliation rites are the next part of the issue settlement held at NCIP.

The Provincial IPMR specified that during the meeting at NCIP, the functions of Datu Daño and Datu Besto were clarified.

During the meeting at NCIP, it was agreed that Datu Daño will remain as the overall chieftain and chairman of MILALITTRA. At the same time, Datu Besto will assume his late father’s vacant position as head claimant, but it is now called Representative of the Ancestral Domain Claim. It will serve as Administrator of the Ancestral Domain Management Office (ADMO) as specified.

Atty. Llesis added that a series of meetings will be done to strengthen the management of MILALITTRA.

Both Datu Daño and Datu Besto’s camp agreed to help one another to help MILAITTRA become stronger. (MG Mayumi B. Madera)

Top 5 sa Nursing Licensure Examination, gipasidunggan sa PGB

Gipasidunggan sa Provincial Government of Bukidnon (PGB) ang Top 5 sa nahigayon nga May 2022 Nursing Licensure Examination (NLE) ubos sa Professional Regulations Commission (PRC)

Sumala sa pahibalo sa Provincial Government of Bukidnon, ang gipasidunggan mao si Ms. Rachel Joyce Abecia Come.

Gipasidunggan siya atol sa 27th Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) session.

Si Ms. Come, kinsa lumulupyo sa Barangay Maican, Damulog, Bukidnon ug nursing students sa Bukidnon State University, nakakuha ug 88.04% nga board rating.

Isa siya sa 6,616 nga nipasa gawas sa 9,729 examinees sa tibuok nasud.

Gitunol ngadto kang Come ang Congratulatory Resolution atol sa gipahigayon nga Monthly Convocation niadtong Hulyo 3, 2023 sa Kaamulan Open Theater, Malaybalaty City, Bukidnon. (Omar Rashid Z. Abdullah)