Where Can We Find Truth?

Central Mindanao Newswatch - local newspaper

Central Mindanao Newswatch – local newspaper

Each and everyday of our lives we hear or may see news that are most mind boggling and often uplifting. Every time we turn on the television, radio and, even while riding on taxi or jeepney we get opinions from different kind of people on a certain subject.

As most of us know, the media is the source of information we have regarding on national politics, virus epidemic, to name the few. But if there is one thing on which virtually everyone is agreed, it is that the news and information we receive is biased. Every second of every day, someone is complaining about bias, in everything from the latest movie reviews to sports commentary. These complaints and controversies take up a growing share of public discussion. Much of the outrage that floods social media, occasionally leaking into opinion columns and broadcast interviews, is not simply a reaction to events themselves, but to the way in which they are reported and framed. The “mainstream media” is the principal focal point for this anger. However, this is not an anti-journalist way of saying that they are all bias in what they. But balance is one thing which is an opportunity to rebut, an editorial insistence on giving contrasting perspectives, while fairness is rather another. Is it “fair” to broadcast stories that are just not true, fair to disseminate information you know merely deludes, fair to endorse evidence that is only self-serving fiction? Whatever “fair” means and it’s a mush word, to be sure it doesn’t mean knowingly cheating. Its meaning goes way beyond mere mechanical balance. Therefore, let us not abandon our search for true information rather what we need is an independent, professional media that denies the misleading and destructive idea, after all the truth can be grasped directly, without anyone needing to report it.


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