Saturday, January 28, 2023

Bantay Bayan nga akusado sa cattle rustling gisikop sa Kibawe

Isa ka mag-uuma kinsa miyembro sa Bantay Bayan sa Brgy. Kisawa, Munisipyo sa Kibawe ang gisikop gumikan sa kasong cattle rustling nga giatubang niini.

Sumala sa taho sa kapolisan sa Kibawe, ang akusado nailang si Henry Manlinamay, 44, minyo, mag-uuma, miyembro sa Bantay Bayan ug residente sa Purok 3 sa maong dapit.

Nasikop siya sa kapolisan sa iyang panimalay buntag sa Marso 3. Kini pinasubay sa warrant of arrest nga gipagula sa Presiding Judge sa RTC 10, Branch 9 sa Malaybalay City pinetsahan Agusto 5, 2013.

Ang korte mirekominda sa P36,000 nga piyansa alang sa temporaryong kagawasan sa akusado.

Sa pagkutlo ning balita, ang akusado ubos sa kustodya sa kapolisan sa Kibawe.

By: Diego M. Hidalgo

Mag-uuma gipusil sa Quezon

Isa ka mag-uuma ang gipusil patay sa hilit nga bahin sa Lagdik 8 sa Brgy Sta. Felomina, Quezon buntag sa Marso 3.

Si Police Major Mitchel Clemencio, officer in-charge sa kapolisan sa Quezon sa iyang taho ngadto sa Bukidnon Police Provincial Office, miila sa biktima nga si Pederillo Coca Sr., 52, minyo, mag-uuma ug residente sa dapit.

Si Pederillo nakaangkon sa grabing mga samad pinusilan sa lawas hinungdan sa iyang hinanaling kamatayon.

Matud sa imbestigasyon sa kapolisan sa Quezon, ang biktima naglung-ag sa dihang nahiabot ang duha ka tawo nga nangayo og tubig mainom. Kalit lang siyang gipusil sa mga suspek sa dihang gitunol na niya ang baso sa tubig ngadto sa mga suspek.

Padayon pa ang imbestigasyon sa kapolisan aron pagsuta sa motibo sa krimen ug pag-ila sa milayas nga mga suspek kinsa armado sa kalibre .9mm pistola.

By: Deigo M. Hidalgo

Bukidnon implements P25K minimum annual land rental per hectare

MALAYBALAY CITY (Mar. 03) – Governor Jose Ma. R. Zubiri Jr. has announced that effective this month of March, the Provincial Government of Bukidnon (PGB) will begin implementing the P25,000 minimum annual rental for all agricultural lands in the province that are leased by banana and pineapple plantation entities.

The Governor conveyed the information through a Facebook post this week from the Capitol’s Public Affairs and Information Assistance (PAIA) Division.

Gov. Zubiri is basing the newly approved “Agricultural Rental Law 2020 of the Province of Bukidnon.”

Zubiri said those with contracts will amend the rental agreement by following the new rates of not less than P25,000 per year. 

He also encouraged the landowners to come to his office for assistance should they met problems with it.

The Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) of Bukidnon recently passed the amended version of the proposed ordinance No. 11-2019 (25th SP). Fixing the minimum rental rates for all agricultural lands in the province that are leased by banana and pineapple plantation entities, also known as “The Agricultural Rental Law 2020 of the Province of Bukidnon.”

The Ordinance authored by all SP Members covers all agricultural companies, whether operated as sole proprietors, partnerships, or corporations that are engaged in the business of pineapple or banana in the province.

All subsisting contracts with a rental base below P25,000 shall be deemed amended upon the effectivity of the Ordinance but shall cover only the unexpired term of the contract.

Any agricultural plantation firms undertaking business in the province without complying with the prescribed minimum rental rate shall be recommended for non-issuance of local business permits, revocation of its Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC), and be declared persona non grata.

The Provincial Agriculture Office is the lead agency in implementing the ordinance. This is in collaboration with the Municipal and City Agriculture’s Office in the province. It shall likewise act as a monitoring body and shall render a report of violations to the office of the Governor and the SP.  

Engr. Alson Quimba, Provincial Agriculture Officer, manifested earlier that the minimum rental rate of P25,000 is just enough. And that beyond that amount, the landowners of other crops might be tempted to lease their lands to banana and pineapple plantation firms, thus, endangering the stability of food security.

In a joint committee report of the committees on laws, and rules and privileges, banana and pineapple firms Unifrutti Tropical Philippines, Inc., Manupali-Agri-Development Corp. (MKADC), Mt. Kitanglad Agri-Ventures, Inc. (MKAVI), Dole Philippines, Inc., Del Monte Fresh Produce (Phil), Inc., Davao Agricultural Ventures Corp., Agrinanas Development Co. Inc, and Mindanao Agritraders, Inc. have submitted their position papers and manifested that they are already compliant of the P25,000 minimum rental. 

By: Mel B. Madera

BTL’s 33 years of struggle ended through Localized Peace Initiative

MALAYBALAY CITY (Feb. 13) – On February 11, 2020, the 33 years struggle of the BTL also known as Bukidnon Free Farmers Agricultural Laborers Organization (BUFFALO)- Tribe Agricultural Movers Association of Rural Active Workers (TAMARAW)- Land Tiller Inhabitants of Musuan (LIMUS) had formally ended through a localized peace initiative, the military said in a statement.

Gipamatay sa lalaking silingan ang magtiayon nga senior citizens sa Purok 2, Brgy. Natulungan, Kibawe, Bukidnon niadtong hapon sa Enero 30.

Sumala sa taho sa kapolisan sa Kibawe, ang mga biktima nailang si Sofronio Coringau, 73, ug asawa niining 68 anyos nga si Rosalinda.

Si Sofronio nakaangkon sa grabing samad dinunggaban sa wala ug tuong dughan, tuong bahin sa likod ug tuong dunggan hinungda sa hinanaling kamatayon niini.
Samtang ang babayi nakaangkon sa grabing mga samad dinunggaban sa ubos sa bahin sa tuong ilok, wala ug tuong dughan nga hinungdan sab sa kamatayon niini.
Ang wala gibutyag nga ngalan sa suspek milayas human sa krimen. Personal grudge ang gitan-aw nga motibo sa hitabo.

By: Omar Rashid Z. Abdullah

Malaybalay 22nd Charter Day Anniversary cancelled amid COVID-19 scare

MALAYBALAY CITY (Feb.16) – The City Government here has canceled the crowd-drawing and mass gathering activities for the 22nd Charter Day Anniversary through an Executive Order.

Vice Mayor Jay Warren R. Pabillaran, the OIC Mayor of Malaybalay City, issued Executive Order No. 75 series of 2020 on Feb. 14.

Pabillaran, in his order, cited the unnumbered Department of Health Advisory and the Memorandum Order No. 431 series of 2020 issued by Gov. Jose. Ma. R. Zubiri Jr. on Feb. 12 noon.

DOH’s advisory has recommended and ordered the cancellation of significant events or mass gatherings because of the threat of the spread of 2019 novel coronavirus that emanates from Hubei, China and to ensure the safety and health of the public.

All 46 barangays of the city are also ordered to cancel all their activities, which will draw or gather large crowds in their respective area.

All public and private schools and offices, private establishments, and other associations and the general public are also strongly urged to cancel and or avoid organizing, attending, or participating in events or activities that draw a considerable number of attendees or crowds.

On the other hand, Gov. Zubiri’s memo order in canceling the 2020 Kaamulan also cited the DOH’s health advisory.

As of Feb. 18, reported that more than 73,000 people have confirmed with COVID-19 infection and nearly 2,000 deaths around the world.

By: Mel B. Madera

Bukidnon top cops support “No Take Policy” order

MALAYBALAY CITY (Fe. 14) – The leadership of Bukidnon Police Provincial Office (BPPO) and Bukidnon 1st Provincial Mobile Force Company (1st PMFC) expressed their full support to the “No Take Policy” campaign of Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Gen. Archie Francisco F. Gamboa.

Police Lt. Col. Silvetre Asiong Jr., BPPO Information Officer, and Lt. Col. Salvador Castillon Jr., force commander of Bukidnon 1st Provincial Mobile Force Company conveyed the same message at their respective office on Feb. 14.

Asiong reiterated that BPPO adhered and fully supported the campaign of Gen. Gamboa’s order against illegal gambling, illegal drugs, and other unscrupulous and dubious activity through the “No Take Policy,” in behalf of BPPO Chief Col. Roel L. Lami-ing.

“This is a reminder to all stations and force commanders down to the Patrolman/ Patrolwoman that we will not tolerate such acts, and they may face criminal and administrative sanctions,” Asiong said.

He also urged the public to report any PNP personnel involved in these corrupt practices to report it to the nearest police stations.

Asiong said the “No Policy Order” is part of the Internal Cleansing Campaign of the PNP.

By: Mel B. Madera

Couple from Valencia abducted, killed in Quezon

MALAYBALAY CITY (Feb. 14) – A couple residing in Valencia City were abducted and killed at OADI, Brgy. San Jose, Quezon town at around 5:30 a.m. on February 12.

The victims were identified as Mary Grace Amarillo, legal age, and her husband Wilfredo Amarillo, legal age.

Mrs. Amarillo sustained multiple fatal stabbed and hacked wounds in her body and was brought to a hospital but died later. Her husband, who sustained multiple gunshot wounds, was found dead at the sugarcane plantation around 100 meters away from her location.

A concerned citizen called Quezon town police about a woman who was fatally wounded along the roadside asking for help.

Before Mrs. Amarillo was brought to the hospital, she was able to disclose that unidentified men abducted them from their residence in Brgy. Lilingayon, Valencia City on-board a pick-up.

Recovered from the crime scene were a fired cartridge case of 12 gauge shotgun, two fired cartridge cases of caliber 9mm pistol, plastic cable tie color black, and an inside holster.

Police Lt. Col. Silvetre Asiong Jr., Bukidnon Police Provincial Office (BPPO) Information Officer on Feb. 14, said the Criminal Detection and Investigation Group (CIDG) and Quezon town police are coordinating each other to resolve the case.

Asiong is optimistic that the case will be filed to the suspects sooner. 

By: Mel B. Madera

Where Can We Find Truth?

Each and everyday of our lives we hear or may see news that are most mind boggling and often uplifting. Every time we turn on the television, radio and, even while riding on taxi or jeepney we get opinions from different kind of people on a certain subject.

As most of us know, the media is the source of information we have regarding on national politics, virus epidemic, to name the few. But if there is one thing on which virtually everyone is agreed, it is that the news and information we receive is biased. Every second of every day, someone is complaining about bias, in everything from the latest movie reviews to sports commentary. These complaints and controversies take up a growing share of public discussion. Much of the outrage that floods social media, occasionally leaking into opinion columns and broadcast interviews, is not simply a reaction to events themselves, but to the way in which they are reported and framed. The “mainstream media” is the principal focal point for this anger. However, this is not an anti-journalist way of saying that they are all bias in what they. But balance is one thing which is an opportunity to rebut, an editorial insistence on giving contrasting perspectives, while fairness is rather another. Is it “fair” to broadcast stories that are just not true, fair to disseminate information you know merely deludes, fair to endorse evidence that is only self-serving fiction? Whatever “fair” means and it’s a mush word, to be sure it doesn’t mean knowingly cheating. Its meaning goes way beyond mere mechanical balance. Therefore, let us not abandon our search for true information rather what we need is an independent, professional media that denies the misleading and destructive idea, after all the truth can be grasped directly, without anyone needing to report it.