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Natid-asan Livestock Org gimugna

Agi og pagpalambo pa sa sektor sa agrikultura, gitabangan sa buhatan sa City Veterinary Office (CVO) nga ma-organisa ang grupo sa Natidasan Livestock Farmers Association niadtong Oktubre 13, 2023

Ang isa ka adlaw nga kalihokan gipartisiparan sa 30 ka mag-uuma sa livestock didto sa Sitio Natidasan Covered Court diha sa Barangay Casisang, ning Syudad.

Ang programa pinaagi usab sa inisyatibo ni Barangay Kagawad Cerila R. Aldeguer kansang gitahasan sa komitiba sa agrikultura ug nakigtimbayayong sa paghulma sa maong grupo.

Kauban ang buhatan sa CVO-Livestock production nga si Dr. Omar T. Cahanap, Livestock Production Veterinarian ug Annabel C. Sia, Livestock Inspector II ang nagdumala sa maong panagtigum.

Tumong sa maong asosasyon nga matipok ang mag-uuma sa livestock aron mapalapad ang panaghiusa ug pagtinabangay aron matubag ang mga hagit ug maangkon ang kahigayonan sa paglambo diha sa komunidad. (LGU Malaybalay)

Malaybalay City hosts 1st region-wide swine artificial insemination training

The first region-wide training on Swine Artificial Insemination (AI) reached its successful conclusion on September 22, 2023, at the Veranda in Casisang, Malaybalay City. The event brought together a total of 27 participants hailing from various localities within Region 10, making it a significant milestone for the local livestock industry

Key participants in this initiative included the City Veterinarian, the City Veterinary Office Livestock Production Section, and the Administrative Training Committee. Also in attendance were Regional and Provincial AI Coordinators, as well as members of the ATI Training Management Team.

This event exemplifies the spirit of collaboration and knowledge sharing among stakeholders, charting a brighter future for the region’s agricultural sector. Dr. Michele C. Miquiabas, the City Veterinarian, expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to lead this endeavor and recognized its potential to enhance the regional livestock sector.

Dr. Omar T. Cahanap, Livestock Veterinarian, took pride in the fact that Malaybalay City was the first in the Philippines to host an entire region, generously sharing its technical expertise. He stated, “Indeed, Malaybalay City is a catalyst of change. Saka Ta Malaybalay,” underscoring the city’s commitment to pioneering advancements in the industry.

Alexis I. Flores, A.I. Center Chief of Malaybalay, emphasized their dedication to extending knowledge beyond the city’s borders, asserting that knowledge should know no boundaries. Phil Rae M. Bonngo assured the participants of their support, saying, “We are here to help you and will guide you in establishing your own swine artificial insemination breeding centers.”

Jeric L. Cabatac, a Training Specialist from the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI), emphasized that this marks only the beginning of numerous future collaborations between ATI and the City Veterinary Office of Malaybalay, highlighting their enduring commitment to advancing regional livestock practices.

Regional A.I. Coordinator Johnson Petalcurin highlighted the critical role that artificial insemination technology plays in addressing food sufficiency challenges posed by animal diseases. He stressed that this training would significantly contribute to improving food production and ensuring a secure food supply for the region. (LGU Malaybalay)

City Vet Hosts Training on Swine Artificial Insemination Course

The City Government of Malaybalay through the City Veterinary Office – Livestock Production Section in partnership with the Department of Agriculture – Agricultural Training Institute –Region 10 (ATI-R10) hosted the Regional Scale Level of Training on Swine Artificial Insemination and Basic Health and Nutrition, a first of its kind and a first-time in the Philippines to be hosted by an LGU

Training to bolster livestock swine production and to ensure robust regional food security was one of the objectives of the training. It was also conducted to utilize the unmatched capabilities and technical expertise of the Malaybalay City Livestock Production personnel.

The 10-day training which started last September 11, 2023, and will end on September 23, 2023, was held at Veranda Hotel and in Malaybalay City Livestock Production, Breeding and Training Center for the immersion.

Mr. Jeric Cabatac and Ms. Gia Joy Lustero from the ATI-10 facilitated the training together with the personnel from the City Veterinary Office headed by City Veterinarian Dr. Michele C. Miquiabas, Alexis Flores II – the Center Chief, Dr. Omar T. Cahanap, Livestock Production Veterinarian and Phille Rae M. Bonggo, Training Coordinator.

Regional-wide participants came from the agriculture office of the different municipalities of Bukidnon, Tubod, Lanao del Norte, Tangub City, El Salvador City, Tudela, Misamis Occidental, and Cagayan de Oro City. Mr. Johnson Petalcorin and Mr. Alain N. Tubo were the participants from DA- R10 and from DA-Bukidnon respectively.

The Jaya Secret Garden by Jayasree Harsha Bayag of this City was also a learning site for the activity. (LGU Malaybalay

Swine, poultry production seminar held in Malaybalay

A Swine and Poultry Production seminar was conducted on September 13, 2023, at the Casisang Barangay Hall in Malaybalay City. The activity was organized collaboratively by the City Veterinary Office’s (CVO) Livestock Production Section, the City Agriculture Office, and attended by members of the City Agriculture and Fisheries Council (CAFC)

The seminar featured speakers and experts in their field, including Dr. Omar T. Cahanap, Livestock Veterinarian representing the City Veterinary Office’s Livestock Production Section; Annabel Sia, Livestock Technician from the CVO’s Livestock Production Section; and Chessa C. Bautista, a key representative from the City Agriculture Office.

The event aimed to provide valuable insights and knowledge on swine and poultry production techniques, focusing on various aspects such as breeding, nutrition, disease management, and best practices to enhance livestock yield.

Attendees engaged in discussions sought advice, and exchanged experiences with the partner stakeholders. This collaborative learning environment promoted the dissemination of up-to-date information and strategies in swine and poultry production.

CVO emphasized its commitment to supporting the local livestock industry by organizing events like this. It serves as a platform to foster sustainable practices and contribute to the agricultural growth not just in the city, but of the entire region. (LGU Malaybalay)

City Veterinary Office engages livestock production improvement through benchmarking

In a dedicated effort to enhance the goat and carabao sector of the City of Malaybalay, the City Veterinary Office’s Malaybalay City Livestock Production Breeding and Training Center engaged in a benchmarking initiative

This endeavor, conducted on August 22, 2023, in Barangay Dalwangan, involved collaboration with the Northern Mindanao Crops and Livestock Research Complex – Livestock Production Division.

This aims to elevate the goat and carabao industry within the city. Recognizing the economic potential of these animals, the program seeks to bolster the local economy through increased milk and meat production, thereby benefiting local farmers and fostering economic self-sufficiency.

“We are not only tending to our livestock but also our traditions and economy,” as stated by the participant. The activity not only pays homage to ancestral practices but also aligns with the vision of Malaybalay as an Agro-Industrial hub. By nurturing the growth of the goat and carabao industry, the city takes deliberate strides toward achieving its aspiration of becoming a thriving agro-industrial center.

Leading the benchmarking were training instructors Alexis Flores II as the Center Chief and Phile Rae Bonggo as the Training Coordinator. Livestock Production Technicians Annabel Sia, Jack Gempisao, and Charlou Michael Dumindin accompanied them. Artificial Insemination Training Program Trainees include Faustino Belderol, Charlie Gil Tangi-an, John Ray Sagrado, Jun Mike Sagrado, Ronuel Damasco, John Rey Alesna, Jose Castro, and Robert Russell Marte. (LGU Malaybalay)

Malaybalay City Vet office collaborates with livestock farmers for livestock intensification program

In a proactive move towards strengthening the local livestock industry, the Livestock Production Section of the City Veterinary Office extended a helping hand to the Barangay Caburacanan Livestock Farmers Association. On August 17, 2023, the services was offered to enhance livestock production and management

Dr. Omar T. Cahanap, the Livestock Production Section provided a range of services to the members of the said association. This included the issuance of essential credentials, the provision of livestock insurance, free consultation, and treatment services, along with pregnancy diagnosis for the livestock.

The event took place at the Upper Pulangi Barangay Caburacanan, where the City Veterinary Office’s extension officers from Upper Pulangi, joined to help facilitate the activity. The collaborative effort aimed to equip the livestock farmers with the necessary tools and knowledge to optimize their livestock production.

The initiative aligned with the broader Livestock Intensification program set forth by the city, as a crucial component of the upcoming Malaybalay City Livestock Farmers Federation Program under the leadership of Mayor Jay Warren R. Pabillaran.

The program is expected to foster the growth of the local livestock sector, ensuring its sustainability and economic viability for the years to come. (LGU Malaybalay)

Livestock livelihood gi-turnover ngadto sa mga surrenderees sa Malaybalay

Isa ka pag turn-over sa mga livestock livelihood alang sa mga kanhi rebeldeng ang gipahigayon niadtong Agosto 10, 2023 sa Sitio Mahayag, Barangay St. Peter ning dakbayan sa Malaybalay

Ang maong kalihokan ubos sa Livestock Intensification Program sa lokal nga pangagamhanan sa Malaybalay pinaagi sa City Veterinary Office – Livestock Production Section sa pagpanguna ni Dr. Omar T. Cahanap.

Gitambongan sa mga kawani sa buhatan sa City Veterinary, Upper Pulangi Cluster Barangay Extension Officers pinangulohan ni Darwin Sat-ao ug mga miembro sa 88 th Company sa Philippine Army Detachment, ang mga surrenderee gipasabot sa mga kaayohan sa maong livestock livelihood dili lamang sa ilang pamuyo ug kapaninguhaan apan ngadto usab sa katilingban.

Gipasabot usab ni Dr. Cahanap ang katuyoan sa programang Livestock Intensification. (LGU Malaybalay)

AdMIS made significant progress to enhance operations of CGM

The City Administrator’s Office – Management Information System Division (AdMIS) has made significant progress in deploying various modules and programs to enhance the City Government of Malaybalay operations

The City Administrator’s Office – Management Information System Division (AdMIS) has made significant progress in deploying various modules and programs to enhance the City Government of Malaybalay operations.

This division, headed by Salick O. Darangina, recently submitted accomplishment updates, particularly on the existing and newly developed and deployed software.

The division’s overall objective is to deliver excellent services in programming, server and system maintenance, installation and repair, reformatting, and technical support for computer-related components. They also assist with live coverage, internet connection setup, and network issue resolution for all offices under the City of Malaybalay.

One notable achievement is the implementation of the Traffic Management Center (TMC) Module, which serves as a foundation for handling traffic violations and recording violators.

This system aims to promote transparency and discourage negotiations by enforcing penalties consistently.

In addition, AdMIS is preparing to launch the Online Business Application, pending approval from the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) for hosting. This application will provide a convenient platform for businesses to apply online, streamlining the process and improving efficiency.

Quicker, more efficient revenue generation data

Darangina reported that they have updated the Integrated Revenue Generation System (IRGS). This software has been used since 2013 by the City Treasurer’s Office, the Business Permits & Licensing Division (CMO-BPLD), and the City Assessor’s Office. The most recent update integrated the building permits, zoning certification, and locational clearance, resulting in more efficient revenue management for the City Government of Malaybalay (CGM).

Darangina added that the system also included improvements such as a link between business permits and tax declarations, updates to the IRGS data access manager, and optimization of login speed. Apart from this, an added feature to the system allows for the classification and organization of businesses with a Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) category for the nature of business. This addition enhances the management and analysis of businesses.

Data-specific PSB rating system

The AdMIS also takes pride in having developed the software and has since implemented the same in selecting newly-hired employees of the CGM. Dubbed as the Selection Board Rating System, this software evaluates applicants’ education, work experiences, and qualifications fairly. This system, developed and refined by Darangina, effectively selects candidates for various positions.

An improved human resource management

Since its rollout in 2011, the AdMIS has consistently kept watch and continuously improved the Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS), which is being used by the CHRM Office. This software has all the records of permanent employees, including service records, personal data, SALN, and others. In 2021, a new module was added specifically for the payroll of casual employees, generating user credentials and payroll reports. Other modules were developed for bonuses and the deduction of Pag-big MP2 contributions. Sherilyn Kaye Rain B. Dalope oversaw the development of this system.

New software for procurement and social services rolled out. To keep track of the City Government’s procurement procedure, use of acquired items and determine their usage, a logistic system was developed by Teofilo Piodos, another AdMIS programmer. The City General Services Office is now using this procurement inventory system. With the system modules now in place, the CGSO can easily track and manage the procurement processes and carry out their inspections and warehousing mandates.

On the other hand, Piodos and John Julian Dominic Gallardo developed a separate software intended for the City Social Welfare and Development Office to create their records effectively. The CSWD System, which was deployed in the 2021 system, includes modules for Solo Parents, Senior Citizens, and persons with disabilities. Additionally, the Assistance for Families in Crisis Situations (AFCS) system was created to track financial transactions and the organization’s budget. Another system attached to social services is the City Health Office Information System (CHOIS). Developed by AdMIS programmer Geraldine R. Nemenso and deployed to the CHO in 2022, this program includes modules for sanitary clearance, health certificates, and generating office reports.

Other new systems

AdMIS is also actively developing other programs to meet the specific needs of different city departments. For instance, the eVetTrack system is being developed to cater to the inventory management requirements of the City Veterinary Office. Similarly, the eMedTrack system is being designed for the City Health Office to enhance its operations in tracking medical records and data.

By request of the Public Employment Services Office, Nemenso also developed the job application registry (JAR) in 2020. This system records job applications and generates reports. Also developed for the CEEDMO was the Collection System, which manages vendor & stall information in the public market. AdMIS programmer Jason D. Manghano reports that this software also generates rental bills and provides various payment modes.

Hardware section updates

In the AdMIS – Hardware Section headed by Melvin Gutierrez, the team accomplished tasks such as printer installation, configuration, troubleshooting, reformatting, and repair of personal computers, laptops, and CPUs, and installation, configuration, and repair of system software and programs. Gutierrez reported they continue to cater to different offices and CGM unit requests such as set up of network connections and conduct fiber fusion, CAT 5E termination, and troubleshooting.

Under the guidance of Marc Dennis Daniot and Jason Manghano, the maintenance/connectivity team also fulfilled various requests, including installing wireless access points, resolving fiber optic line breakdowns, configuring Mikrotik routers and switches, setting up wireless connections for live coverage, and conducting network training. They also terminated fiber optic cables, provided LED display modules, and migrated connectivity to Power over Ethernet (POE) switches.

Darangina also reported, “Recognizing the growing importance of mobile applications, AdMIS is working on developing mobile applications for the data tracking system. This initiative will enable us to access and use the system easier, providing enhanced convenience for both clients and staff.”

“Furthermore, MIS is planning to upgrade several existing systems within the City Government of Malaybalay,” added Darangina. This endeavor, he said, aims to improve functionality and efficiency, aligning with the broader goal of digitizing government processes and services.

The AdMIS team is committed to advancing technology solutions that enhance operations, improve service delivery, and contribute to the overall progress of the City Government of Malaybalay. The City is poised to embrace a more digital and efficient future through these ongoing developments. (CGM)

CHO celebrates Rabies Awareness Month; Malaybalay records zero case of human rabies in 2022

Rabies is one of the deadly diseases and considered one of the public health concerns

As part of the health promotion and advocacy of the Rabies Prevention Control Program of the Center for Health and Development – Northern Mindanao in coordination with Bukidnon Provincial Health Office and Malaybalay City Health Office (CHO), a Rabies Awareness Caravan was conducted on March 16, 2023, at Loiza’s Pavilion, Casisang, Malaybalay City.

This activity aims to increase awareness about rabies infection, prevention, control, and elimination.

The said event started with a motorcade from City Health Office to Capitol then Loizas Pavilion where a forum was held.

A total of 145 participants attended the launching each represented by Barangay Kapitan, Kagawad on Health, Chief BPSO, Midwife, and BHW president from all Poblacion 1, selected Poblacion 2, and Highway District Barangays.

Provincial Health Office II, Dr. Gary Guido C. Tabios, Jr., welcomed the guests and participants. Then followed by an inspirational message from Dr. Vincent C. Raguro, MPH (Provincial Department of Health Office Bukidnon – Development Management Officer V).

With the theme “Rabies- Free na Pusa’t Aso, Kaligtasan ng Pamilyang Pilipino”, speaker Ms. Jenny Alabado, RMT, Regional Rabies Coordinator stressed that “Rabies is a horrific way to die. Once symptoms show, it is 99.9% fatal. However, it is 100% preventable.”

Meanwhile, speaker Dr. Enrique Miguel Degamo, MPH, MO III, added that Dogs are primarily responsible for rabies virus transmission to humans.

Among the topics tackled, Dr. Mary Ann S. Valdez, Veterinarian IV, Malaybalay City Veterinary Office also discussed about RA 9482, or Anti- Rabies Act of 2007, prescribing penalties for pet owners violating this act.

Provincial Health Office Rabies Prevention and Control Program Coordinator, Mr. Carlo C. Calleja, have reported Rabies Case Status of Bukidnon and Malaybalay City has Zero case of Human Rabies for year 2022.

The activity was facilitated by the City Health Office Rabies Team, Dr. Susan Marie S. PunongBayan, Nurse Coordinator Maila A. Manuel, Assitant Nurse Coordinator Frances Charmaine Lazalita, Marlyn Bagonoc, staffs Noel Michael Mutya, Daphne Castillo with the help of the National Health Worker Support System – Nurse Deployment Program of the Department of Health.

Further, Dr. Susan Punongbayan reminded us about ONE Health approach that helps protect the health of all living beings and imparted a closing phrase “Kagat Aso, Patay Tao.”

In addition, the City Health Office – Rabies Prevention and Control Program continues to provide services through the presence of our Animal Bite Center which is open every Monday and Thursday at the CHO, and via information dissemination by doing lectures and distribution of leaflets with the help of the Midwives, Human Resource for Health and Community Volunteer Health Workers in the Barangays.

Malaybalay City Veterinary Office also assisted during the activity to provide free Dog vaccination. (PR)

Unang hugna sa ‘serbisyong beterinaryo’ diha sa kabarangayan, gisugdan na

Gilunsad sa Malaybalay City Veterinary Office ang tinuig nga programa nga giilang “First Round of Barangay Veterinary Services.” Gisugdan ang maong pagbisita sa kabarangayan niadtong Pebrero 7, 2023 ug gilauman nga mahuman sa Mayo 24, 2023

Ang mga nag-una nga serbisyo nga gipahigayon mao ang hemorraghic septemia vaccination in cattle and carabao (6 months old and above); deworming and vitamin supplementation; pregnancy diagnosis in cattle and carabao; monitoring of dispersal animals; ug monitoring and surveillance of swine population.

Lakip sa gihatag nga serbisyo mao ang pag-isyu sa certificate of ownership alang sa dagko nga binuhing mananap; pamakuna sa rabies alang sa iro ug iring (3 months old and above); pagrehistro sa binuhing kahayopan; ug ingon man ang pagdumala sa kahibalo nga apil ang konsultasyon ug pagpanambal o treatment.

Gipasabot sa nasangpit nga veterinary services team pinaagi sa pagpanguna ni Dr. Michele Miquiabas nga mamahimong mangutana sa inyong barangay kung kanusa ang schedule ug ang gitagana nga site area.

Gipaklaro usab ni Dr. Miquiabas nga kini nga mga serbisyo dili house-to-house, busa angayan pagadalhon ang mga binuhing kahayopan sa area nga giandam sa matag barangay.

Dugang pa, pwede usab manawag o motext sa buhatan sa City Veterinary Office hotline sa numero 0926-198-6992 alang sa dugang kasayuran.

Sa pagka karon Marso 3, 2023, mokabat na sa 300 ka kliyente ang naserbisyohan lakip sa sobra 400 ka binuhing hayop nga gilangkuban sa kabaw, baka, iro, baboy, kanding ug iring. (PR)