Wednesday, June 07, 2023

Lumad volunteer teacher receives human rights award in Dublin

MALAYBALAY CITY – A Lumad volunteer teacher received on May 26 the 2023 Award for Human Rights Defenders at Risk in Dublin, Ireland, the Save Our Schools Network, an NGO based in Mindanao, said in a statement on May 27, 2023

The Award was conferred on Jeany “Rose” Hayahay by Front Line Defenders for her advocacy of children’s and indigenous people’s rights.

“Hayahay’s work has made her a target of harassment and threats from the military. She has been red-tagged, had her home raided, and been subjected to online harassment. Despite the risks, Hayahay continues to speak out for the rights of children in Mindanao,” SOS Network said.

Aside from Hayahay, who was chosen as the awardee for the Asia-Pacific, the Award was also given to Olivier Bahemuke Ndoole of the Democratic Republic of Congo for Africa, Segundo Ordoñez of Ecuador for the Americas, Digital Security Lab Ukraine (DSLU) for Europe and Central Asia, and Hala Ahed of Jordan for the Middle East and North Africa.

DSLU was represented by its Executive Director, Vita Volodovska.

“This award is dedicated to all the victims of human rights abuses, including my co-Lumad Volunteer Teachers Chad Booc and Jurain Ngujo, who were both massacred along with three others by the Philippines Military, for my co-teachers and students facing trumped-up charges, my fellow activists and indigenous children who lost their lives in defending their ancestral land, and to the people we served,” Hayahay said in her speech during the awarding ceremony in Dublin.

“The human rights situation in the Philippines is dire. Killings, enforced disappearance, and trumped-up charges along with ‘red tagging’ are rampant. The Lumads have been displaced from their ancestral lands, denied access to education and healthcare, and subjected to violence and intimidation. The Philippine Government has destroyed and forcibly shut down 216 indigenous community schools and disenfranchised 10,000 indigenous learners.

“I used to teach them in their communities, but we were forced to mount an evacuation school in the country’s capital to bring into light thousands of human rights violations and encourage people to rally with us in defending indigenous children’s right to education,” she said.

She added that she has been subjected to threats, called a terrorist, her home was raided, and her mother was abducted.

“But I will not be silenced. I will continue to stand and defend human rights along with other human rights defenders, even if this means living under the threat of life, self-doubt, uncertain, unease and sacrifices,” she said.

“This year’s laureates are a courageous and inspiring group of people who reflect the determination, dynamism and diversity of human rights defenders who are on the front lines of fighting for a more just world,” Olive Moore, Interim Director of Front Line Defenders, said in a statement posted on the group’s website on May 26.

“Their vital work in defense of human rights in DRC, Ecuador, Jordan, Philippines and Ukraine impacts countless people in their communities and beyond. By shining an international spotlight on their struggles and empowering them to continue their work, we at Front Line Defenders hope this Award will touch the lives of many more people on whose behalf they act,” he said.

The laureates received the Award at a ceremony in the Irish Emigration Museum in Dublin, which was attended by foreign diplomats and representatives of the Irish government, civil society and media organizations. Irish parliamentary patrons for the Award included Senator Róisín Garvey, Charlie Flanagan TD, Cormac Devlin TD, Ivana Bacik TD, and Sean Crowe TD. (MindaNews)

DA-10 Agribiz Div convenes with FOPA NorMin for market linkages

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY – Aiming to strengthen the partnership with local producers in Northern Mindanao, the Department of Agriculture – Regional Field Office 10 (DA-RFO 10) helmed by Regional Executive Director Carlene C. Collado, through the Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Division (AMAD), meets with the Food Processors’ Association of Northern Mindanao (FOPA NorMin) to discuss potential local and national market linkages for its members

On May 15, 2023, AMAD led by its chief, Larry E. Paraluman, delivered the various interventions that DA-10 can offer, ranging from market information, market linkage and products promotion, agribusiness promotion and development services, especially for the agri-based processed products that FOPA members produce.

FOPA NorMin officers who joined the meeting were President Craig Mari Padla of De Oro’s Best, Vice-President Ana Marie Viscayno of Sivako Foods, Secretary May Jacobo of May’s Golden Pies, Treasurer Agnes Gonzales of SG Ventures, Inc., and Nenita Tan of Bestfiend Goodies.

Recognizing areas for support, the AMAD has committed to assist the said association towards communication and partnership with farmers across Region 10.

Said efforts also aim to maximize the use of the Farmers and Fisherfolk Enterprise Development Information System (FFEDIS) for convenient market linkages, not only in Northern Mindanao but reaching the island region of Mindanao and the whole of the Philippines. (RLTolentino/DA RFO-10)

DA opens RSBSA Finder

To provide easier access to data, the Department of Agriculture launches the Registry System for Basic Sectors in Agriculture (RSBSA) Finder through

Said system was developed to assist registrants in confirming if their registration was successful and also generates a temporary digital DA Interventions Monitoring Card (DA IMC), which contains their official RSBSA number.

The RSBSA is an electronic compilation of basic information about farmers, farm workers, fisherfolk, and agri-youth, which serves as the basis for availing DA interventions.

For Region 10, a total of 498,503 farmers and fisherfolk have already registered into the system as of May 11, 2023, based on the official RSBSA dashboard data. (AMBManto/DA RF0-10)

DA-RCUD, seed companies showcase white, yellow corn varieties in Dangcagan

The Department of Agriculture – Regional Field Office 10, through its Research Center for Upland Development (RCUD), together with private seed companies, conducted a ceremonial planting for its Corn Derby on May 23, 2023, in Dangcagan, Bukidnon

DA-10 Regional Executive Director Carlene C. Collado emphasized that such a move aims to showcase the performance of the different yellow and white corn varieties as farmers’ basis in selecting their preferred corn variety.

RCUD chief Catalino S. Soriano, Jr. shared that the research station has allocated two hectares of land to be planted by the nine participating seed companies.

The private seed entities include Syngenta Philippines, Inc., Bayer, Bioseed Research Philippines, Asian Hybrid Seed Technologies, Inc., Corteva Agriscience, JR Agro-Industrial Enterprises, Vigour Seeds Dev. Inc., Evo Gene Seeds, Corp., and Advanta Seeds.

“We are thankful to DA for always inviting us to join in these activities since 2018. Up until now, it has been a big help for us since we are able to showcase our corn cultivars and technology in different areas and share them with our farmers,” said Yvhan Michael Opeña, field agronomist of Syngenta Philippines, Inc.

Said event also follows the recently conducted ceremonial planting at DA-10’s Northern Mindanao Agricultural Crops and Livestock Research Complex and Research Center for Hillyland Development last May 16 and 18, respectively. (AMBManto/DA RFO-10)

Valencia celebrates KERNEL 2023 this June

The City Government of Valencia, Bukidnon, through the Information Technology Services (ITS) Division, will celebrate KERNEL 2023 this month of June with the theme: Adapting Data-driven Vision: Applying New-normal, Cybersafety & Esports Development (ADVANCED)

The theme of adapting a data-driven vision revolves around three interconnected areas: applying the new normal, prioritizing cybersafety, and fostering esports development. In today’s fast-paced digital world, these aspects play a crucial role in shaping strategies, ensuring safety, and capitalizing on emerging opportunities.

The new normal refers to the paradigm shift brought about by recent global events. It has necessitated adaptability and resilience in various aspects of life, including business and decision-making processes.

Data-driven vision provides valuable insights and analysis, empowering organizations to make informed choices and optimize their operations in the face of uncertainty.

Cybersafety has become a pressing concern as our lives increasingly depend on digital technologies. Protecting sensitive information and maintaining privacy is of utmost importance in an interconnected world.

Data-driven vision, when combined with robust cybersecurity measures, enables individuals and organizations to safeguard their data, identify potential threats, and implement proactive defense mechanisms to ensure a safe digital environment.

Esports, the competitive world of professional video gaming, has witnessed remarkable growth and popularity. Data-driven vision plays a crucial role in the development of esports, allowing organizations and players to analyze gameplay statistics, enhance performance, and engage with fans and sponsors.

By leveraging data and technological advancements, esports can continue to flourish as a thriving industry.

In summary, adapting a data-driven vision to the new normal involves utilizing data to make informed decisions, prioritizing cybersafety to protect against digital threats, and leveraging data in the development of esports.

By embracing these elements, individuals, businesses, and organizations can navigate the evolving digital landscape, ensure security, and capitalize on the opportunities presented by emerging industries. (LGU Valencia)

BukSU, City Government of Malaybalay Join Forces for the Massive Tree Growing Activity

Another 1000 graduating students, with the faculty members of Bukidnon State University – College of Business and College of Technology, successfully participated in the tree-growing activity to rehabilitate the Mamala Creek, Malaybalay City, on May 24, 2023

The other graduating students and NSTP freshmen also performed similar activities last May 6, 10, and 17, 2023, with now a corresponding total of 3000 students as participants in this massive tree planting activity.

This activity is one of the main highlights of the three (3)- year Memorandum of Agreement between Bukidnon State University and the City Government of Malaybalay to work as partners in the conservation and rehabilitation of our environment.

City Mayor Jay Warren R. Pabillaran was present in this series of tree-planting activities, and he expressed his sincere appreciation to the faculty members and students for this worthwhile endeavor in the voluntary planting of trees for the future.

He emphasized that part of the unique history of Malaybalay is the care for mother nature as massive pinetree planting were already initiated in the late 1960-70s and performed by students resulting in the vast presence of pine trees in Malaybalay City nowadays, specifically located above the City Marketsite known as the Bukidnon Provincial Park, making our city the summer capital of Mindanao otherwise known as the City of Pines in the South.

These activities were made possible due to the close coordination between the City Environment and Natural Resources Office, headed by Maria Anita L. Fernandez and City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office, led by Alan J. Comiso. (CGM)

NFA-Bukidnon starts OTRA distribution to gov’t workers

MALAYBALAY CITY – The National Food Authority (NFA) Bukidnon has officially started distributing the One-Time Grant of Rice Assistance (OTRA) to employees of national government agencies (NGAs) and state universities and colleges (SUCs), as well as military and uniformed personnel

This initiative is under Administrative Order No. 2, following the Department of Budget and Management’s (DBM) list of beneficiaries.

Supervising Grains Officer Junrie T. Dumas of NFA Bukidnon said around 26,000 government employee beneficiaries province-wide could receive the allocated NFA rice.

“Our main goal is to prioritize those Bukidnon government workers listed based on the contingent fund released by DBM. We have identified 26,000 beneficiaries who will each receive 25 kilos of NFA rice,” he said.

Meanwhile, NFA-Bukidnon spokesperson Glenn de Otoy said the OTRA is an initiative of the Marcos Administration to recognize the invaluable contribution and participation of every government employee and worker in efficiently delivering public services, especially during the pandemic.

De Otoy clarified that beneficiaries should be legitimate employees from November 30, 2022, to date.

“Sa One-Time Grant of Rice Assistance (OTRA) guidelines, giklaro didto nga ang recipient, dapat legitimate nga empleyado sugod November 30, 2022. Kung na-hire ka after ana nga petsa, dili na ka makaapil aning OTRA,” he explained.

(The OTRA guidelines clearly stated that individuals eligible for rice assistance must have been legitimate employees as of November 30, 2022. You will lose your OTRA eligibility if you are hired after the specified period)

He emphasized that the program grants assistance in the form of 25 kilos of rice to those working in the government to help mitigate the effect of socio-economic challenges in their households and to boost the domestic production of our local farmers by giving opportunities to the agricultural sectors.

The National Food Authority, the government’s arm responsible for implementing the OTRA, urges local Palay farmers to continue supporting the agency’s procurement programs. This support is vital to ensure an optimal level of buffer stock inventory, which in turn helps meet the government’s rice requirements during initiatives such as the OTRA. Moreover, it plays a critical role during times of calamities and emergencies. (BGE/PIA-10/Bukidnon)

DOLE-10, BukSU job fair yields 51 HOTS

MALAYBALAY CITY – The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)-10 Job Fair hosted by Bukidnon State University (BukSU) recently generated 51 Hired-On-The-Spot (HOTS) at the University Gymnasium

Through its Bukidnon Provincial Field Office (Buk PFO), DOLE-10 and BukSU collaborated to help graduates and current students find employment.

DOLE-Bukidnon Chief Raul Valmores said the HOTS would start their new careers in their respective workplaces. Employers who hired the applicants have been in service-related fields like financial services and business process outsourcing.

Additionally, HOTS Mariel Cantabeja considered the opportunity and the experience to be an honor.

“I already prepared for my trip here and decided which company I would like to apply to. My goal was to get a job. I was thrilled to be hired quickly after applying to my top choice. I’ll bring some good news home with me, she said.

Like many other applicants, Mariel walked in as a hopeful candidate among the 269 job seekers and secured one of the 2,370 available positions offered by 37 local and overseas agencies. Centro Supersales, Inc. hired her as a cashier.

“It was hard being unemployed. I wanted to support my family’s needs. That’s why I decided to join this job fair,” Cantabeja said.

Similarly, Kristine Jean Laoganas, one of the HOTS applicants, expressed her joy, saying, “I am thrilled to have secured a position as a virtual assistant at ACS VA Holdings. I had envisioned applying for numerous job openings to seize this exceptional opportunity. After applying to multiple companies, I finally received the news of being hired.”

Valmores said the DOLE’s Job Fair enhances unemployed individuals’ access to job opportunities.

“It not only extends its reach to individuals who are poor, unemployed, and displaced in rural areas but also offers a convenient platform for job seekers to connect with potential employers. It reduces the necessity for expensive transportation and other expenses when traveling to the city or areas where job vacancies are available,” he said.

He explained that job fairs are also a way to support anti-illegal recruitment campaigns by enabling jobseekers’ access to legitimate employers/recruitment agencies.

The job fair also generated 206 near-hires, referring to job seekers who have been conditionally hired but still need to submit additional or missing requirements or may be required to attend further interviews or exams. (DOLE-10-Bukidnon Provincial Field Office/PIA-10/Bukidnon)

Valencia Celebrates International AIDS Candlelight Memorial 2023

The City Government of Valencia, through the City Health Office, joins the rest of the country in celebrating the International AIDS Candlelight Memorial 2023 with the theme: “Spread Love and Solidarity to build stronger communities. A day and opportunity to go INWARD, LISTEN, LEARN and ACT” held at the City Health Office Facade, Valencia City

A short prayer by Dr. Mary Claire Ida B. Ricare was offered to our departed loved ones due to AIDS, which was then followed by candle lighting and was graced by our very active and supportive City Councilor, Chairman of Health, Sanitation, and Medical Services, Hon. Jerusha “Sasang” Cadigal-Recla, RN., Dr. Juniver G. Flores, Head, Infectious Disease Division; Nurses, Representatives from ALAGAD Mindanao, United Gay Association of Valencia (UGAV), Department of Education, Bureau of Fire and Protection (BFP), CDRRMO and CHO personnel, Bukidnon. (City of Valencia)

AdMIS made significant progress to enhance operations of CGM

The City Administrator’s Office – Management Information System Division (AdMIS) has made significant progress in deploying various modules and programs to enhance the City Government of Malaybalay operations

The City Administrator’s Office – Management Information System Division (AdMIS) has made significant progress in deploying various modules and programs to enhance the City Government of Malaybalay operations.

This division, headed by Salick O. Darangina, recently submitted accomplishment updates, particularly on the existing and newly developed and deployed software.

The division’s overall objective is to deliver excellent services in programming, server and system maintenance, installation and repair, reformatting, and technical support for computer-related components. They also assist with live coverage, internet connection setup, and network issue resolution for all offices under the City of Malaybalay.

One notable achievement is the implementation of the Traffic Management Center (TMC) Module, which serves as a foundation for handling traffic violations and recording violators.

This system aims to promote transparency and discourage negotiations by enforcing penalties consistently.

In addition, AdMIS is preparing to launch the Online Business Application, pending approval from the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) for hosting. This application will provide a convenient platform for businesses to apply online, streamlining the process and improving efficiency.

Quicker, more efficient revenue generation data

Darangina reported that they have updated the Integrated Revenue Generation System (IRGS). This software has been used since 2013 by the City Treasurer’s Office, the Business Permits & Licensing Division (CMO-BPLD), and the City Assessor’s Office. The most recent update integrated the building permits, zoning certification, and locational clearance, resulting in more efficient revenue management for the City Government of Malaybalay (CGM).

Darangina added that the system also included improvements such as a link between business permits and tax declarations, updates to the IRGS data access manager, and optimization of login speed. Apart from this, an added feature to the system allows for the classification and organization of businesses with a Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) category for the nature of business. This addition enhances the management and analysis of businesses.

Data-specific PSB rating system

The AdMIS also takes pride in having developed the software and has since implemented the same in selecting newly-hired employees of the CGM. Dubbed as the Selection Board Rating System, this software evaluates applicants’ education, work experiences, and qualifications fairly. This system, developed and refined by Darangina, effectively selects candidates for various positions.

An improved human resource management

Since its rollout in 2011, the AdMIS has consistently kept watch and continuously improved the Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS), which is being used by the CHRM Office. This software has all the records of permanent employees, including service records, personal data, SALN, and others. In 2021, a new module was added specifically for the payroll of casual employees, generating user credentials and payroll reports. Other modules were developed for bonuses and the deduction of Pag-big MP2 contributions. Sherilyn Kaye Rain B. Dalope oversaw the development of this system.

New software for procurement and social services rolled out. To keep track of the City Government’s procurement procedure, use of acquired items and determine their usage, a logistic system was developed by Teofilo Piodos, another AdMIS programmer. The City General Services Office is now using this procurement inventory system. With the system modules now in place, the CGSO can easily track and manage the procurement processes and carry out their inspections and warehousing mandates.

On the other hand, Piodos and John Julian Dominic Gallardo developed a separate software intended for the City Social Welfare and Development Office to create their records effectively. The CSWD System, which was deployed in the 2021 system, includes modules for Solo Parents, Senior Citizens, and persons with disabilities. Additionally, the Assistance for Families in Crisis Situations (AFCS) system was created to track financial transactions and the organization’s budget. Another system attached to social services is the City Health Office Information System (CHOIS). Developed by AdMIS programmer Geraldine R. Nemenso and deployed to the CHO in 2022, this program includes modules for sanitary clearance, health certificates, and generating office reports.

Other new systems

AdMIS is also actively developing other programs to meet the specific needs of different city departments. For instance, the eVetTrack system is being developed to cater to the inventory management requirements of the City Veterinary Office. Similarly, the eMedTrack system is being designed for the City Health Office to enhance its operations in tracking medical records and data.

By request of the Public Employment Services Office, Nemenso also developed the job application registry (JAR) in 2020. This system records job applications and generates reports. Also developed for the CEEDMO was the Collection System, which manages vendor & stall information in the public market. AdMIS programmer Jason D. Manghano reports that this software also generates rental bills and provides various payment modes.

Hardware section updates

In the AdMIS – Hardware Section headed by Melvin Gutierrez, the team accomplished tasks such as printer installation, configuration, troubleshooting, reformatting, and repair of personal computers, laptops, and CPUs, and installation, configuration, and repair of system software and programs. Gutierrez reported they continue to cater to different offices and CGM unit requests such as set up of network connections and conduct fiber fusion, CAT 5E termination, and troubleshooting.

Under the guidance of Marc Dennis Daniot and Jason Manghano, the maintenance/connectivity team also fulfilled various requests, including installing wireless access points, resolving fiber optic line breakdowns, configuring Mikrotik routers and switches, setting up wireless connections for live coverage, and conducting network training. They also terminated fiber optic cables, provided LED display modules, and migrated connectivity to Power over Ethernet (POE) switches.

Darangina also reported, “Recognizing the growing importance of mobile applications, AdMIS is working on developing mobile applications for the data tracking system. This initiative will enable us to access and use the system easier, providing enhanced convenience for both clients and staff.”

“Furthermore, MIS is planning to upgrade several existing systems within the City Government of Malaybalay,” added Darangina. This endeavor, he said, aims to improve functionality and efficiency, aligning with the broader goal of digitizing government processes and services.

The AdMIS team is committed to advancing technology solutions that enhance operations, improve service delivery, and contribute to the overall progress of the City Government of Malaybalay. The City is poised to embrace a more digital and efficient future through these ongoing developments. (CGM)