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Kanhi NPA gisikop sa Lantapan gumikan sa daghang mga kaso Nasikop sa hiniusang puwersa sa kapolisan ug military ang kanhi miyembro sa New People’s Army (NPA) gumikan sa daghang mga kaso

Sumala sa report sa kapolisan, ang maong tawo nakorner sa Brgy. Kibangay, Lantapan pasado alas 4:30 ang takna sa hapon niadtong Disyembre 10, 2023

Siya giilang isa ka alyas “Ariel”, 38, adunay kapuyo ug residente sa Brgy. Adtuyon, Pangantucan, Bukidnon.

Gisikop siya pinasubay sa outstanding warrant arrest sa kasong multiple frustrated murder ug multiple attempted murder nga nakadokit sa kaso kriminal numero 33338-19 ug 33339-19 pinetsahan Enero 30, 2020.

Ang korte mirekomenda sa piyansa nga PhP 200,000.00 ug Php120,000.00 alang sa iyang temporaryong kagawasan.

Si alyas Ariel gisikop sa mga miyembro sa Sumilao MPS uban sa 3SF Coy, 1SFBN, 1ST BUKPMFC, Bukidnon PIT, ug RIU-10.

Ang nasikop gidala sa Sumilao MPS alang sa dokumentasyon ug gikatakdang itugyan ngadto sa 3rd Special Forces (Mabalasik) Company, 1st Special Forces Battalion. (melbmadera)

3 lalaki nakuhaag droga sa drug buy-bust sa Lantapan

Tulo ka lalaki ang nakuhaan sa gidudahang droga sa gipahigayon nga drug buy-bust operation sa kapolisan kaniadtong Hunyo, 23, 2023

Ang drug buy-bust nahigayon sa Purok 2, Magnao, Cawayan, Lantapan, Bukidnon. Base kini sa taho sa Bukidnon Police Provincial Office.
Ang tulo ka suspek giila nga sila Glenn Anodon y Barrameda, 48, minyo, negosyante, ug watchlisted; Daveny Glenn Anudon y Delantar, 22, ulitawo, driver, newly identified, parehong residente sa Purok 2, Magnao, Cawayan, Lantapan, Bukidnon; ug si Marlon Pagtalunan y Enero, 36, ulitawo, driver, newly identified, ug residente sa Kibangay, Lantapan, Bukidnon.
Nasakmit gikan sa mga suspek ang gibana-bana nga 5 gramo sa gidudahang shabu nga nagkantidad og Php 34,000.00.
Kasong paglapas sa RA 9165 ang giandam batok sa mga suspek. (MG Mayumi B. Madera)

Farmers Field School sa Lantapan, gilusad

Gilusad sa Provincial Government of Bukidnon (PGB) ang Farmer’s Field School (FFS) sa Irrigated Lowland Rice Production (ILRP) sa Lungsod sa Lantapan

Base sa pahibalo sa PGB, gipahigayon kini sa Barangay Kulasihan sa Lantapan niadtong Hunyo 21, 2023.

Kini nga programa maghatag sa mga mag-uuma nga adunay basakan sa kinatibuk-ang ideya sa FFS modules, mahitungod sa paghatag og collaborative & experiential group learning approach.

Ingon man pagpalambo sa maayong gawi ug key checks sa rice farming aron makatabang sa pagpausbaw sa abot sa uma ug pagpakunhod sa pagkawala sa produksyon.

Gilauman sa season-long training nga adunay 30 ka partisipante nga aktibo mutapos niini. (MG Mayumi B. Madera)

TESDA-10 launches PBBM Cares, bridges skills-employment gap

LANTAPAN, Bukidnon – To bridge the gap between skills and employment opportunities, the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA)-10 has launched the Paglingap sa Buhay ng Bawat Mamamayan (PBBM Cares) program, June 9, in Lantapan town

Undersecretary Vidal Villanueva III, TESDA’s Deputy Director-General for Special Concerns, dealt with the audience and emphasized the agency’s commitment to the program.
“PBBM Cares seeks to gather all government agencies to assist the underemployed and unemployed, particularly the underprivileged residents here in Bukidnon,” he said.
The signing of a Memorandum of Agreement, which solidifies the commitment of all stakeholders involved to work together toward a common goal, highlighted the official program launch.
Villanueva explained that the program, jointly carried out by local government units (LGUs) and various government agencies, aims to uplift individuals by addressing their specific needs and equipping them with resources for long-term employment.
Similarly, TESDA-10 Regional Director Dan Navarro affirmed that PBBM Cares is a concept developed by TESDA-10 with the noble mission of fostering collaboration to empower disadvantaged individuals by addressing their unique challenges and providing accessible skills training and employment opportunities for those in need.
He attributed the program’s roots to the Duterte Administration’s ‘convergence’ approach to dealing with issues and setbacks.
As a concrete step forward, the Lantapan Training Center, a crucial program component, received a prestigious Certificate of Accreditation. The recognition showcased the center’s dedication to delivering high-quality training that would directly impact the lives of its residents.
Filled with gratitude, Lantapan Vice Mayor Ricky James Balansag thanked TESDA-10 for its unwavering support in constructing the Skills Training Center in town.
Demonstrating its firm commitment to improving the community’s well-being, the Lantapan Technical Education and Skills Development Council pledged to continue its tireless efforts in serving the needy and empowering them to reach their full potential.
With the launch of TESDA’s PBBM Cares in Bukidnon, the vice mayor emphasized the program’s transformative potential, saying it is poised to bring about positive change in the lives of the underprivileged. (JMC/PIA-10/Bukidnon)

LTO, Lantapan LGU conduct free outreach driving course

LANTAPAN, Bukidnon – Over 200 residents from different barangays in Lantapan, Bukidnon, actively participated in a free outreach theoretical driving course (TDC) organized by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) in collaboration with the local government of Lantapan

The activity aims to ensure that LTO services are readily accessible to all residents, especially those living in remote communities.

The TDC provides valuable knowledge about traffic rules and regulations, enabling participants to obtain their Student Permit Driver’s License (SPDL) with a sense of security.

During the course, LTO training officer Dyvid Ree Oncino elaborated on various warning signs, underscoring the government’s unwavering commitment to enhancing road safety.

Lantapan Mayor Ernie Devibar said this opportunity is a privilege bestowed by the LTO upon individuals who consistently exhibit discipline in their pursuit of understanding traffic laws and safe driving practices.

Similarly, LTO training officer Maricel Wilson emphasized that motorists have the right to safeguard themselves and are strongly encouraged to report any instances of traffic law enforcers abusing their authority.

The participants expressed their enthusiasm and satisfaction upon receiving their well-deserved certificates of completion.

The LTO seized the opportunity to remind everyone to remain vigilant against counterfeit licenses. This precautionary measure aims to safeguard the integrity and authenticity of each driver’s credentials. (LJLZ/PIA-10/Bukidnon)

Kanak ha Banuwa Ultramarathon 7 Series – Leg 2, nagmalampuson

Nagmalampuson nga napahigayon ang Kanak Ha Banuwa Ultramarathon 7 Series – Leg 2 kaniadtong Abril 15-16, 2023, sa VCES Oval Grounds, Poblacion, Valencia City, Bukidnon

Adunay kinatibuk-ang 198 ka mga runners ang misalmot sa maong kompetisyon nga nagagikan sa Bukidnon, Cagayan de Oro City, Cotabato, Iloilo, Tagoloan, Lanao Del Sur, Cebu City, og Davao City.

Ang ruta nagagikan sa VCES oval grounds, Valencia City ngadto na sa Lantapan via Aglayan and vice versa.

Ang mga nagmalampusong midaug sa nagkadaiyang kategorya nakadawat sa medalya, cash ug trophy.

Ang mga kategorya nga gisalmutan sa mga participante mao ang 60km 50 & above men category, 60km 50 & above women category, 60km men category, 60km women category, 21km men category, 21km women category, 10km men category, 10km women category, 5km men category, ug 5km women category. (MG Mayumi B. Madera)

Traditional Menuvu-Meranaw peace pact featured by Kaamulan 2023 street dancing winner

MALAYBALAY CITY (BukidnonNews.Net/23 April 2023) A ground presentation featuring a story of a traditional peace agreement between Lumad and Moro tribes won the Kaamulan 2023’s street dancing main event on April 22, 2023

The story featured the traditional peace pact between the Menuvu and the Meranaw tribes after deadly battles set in pre-colonial Mindanao following mediation and preceding an intercultural wedding.

The contingent from the Municipality of Kalilangan, in Bukidnon’s border with Lanao del Sur has won the ground presentation, part of the crowd-drawing street dancing (ikat-ikat ta dadalanen) competition to culminate the month-long first-ever staging of Kaamulan in the post-pandemic time.

The presentation, entitled Kukuman ta Rezo or judgment of Conflict told the story of Matigsalog-Menuvu leader Apo Gapaw who led his tribe to fight a group of wayward Meranaw warriors along the Maradugao River, which is the natural boundary between the provinces of Bukidnon and Lanao del Sur.

The conflict was resolved when the warring parties sought the mediation of a tribal leader, another Menuvu elder Datu Romapa of Barandias, a community located in the present-day town of Pangantucan, Bukidnon.

To help stop the conflict between the two warring groups, Datu Romapa became the balaghusay (judge) and officiated the Tampuda Hu Balagon (cutting of vines) ritual, the indigenous custom to settle a conflict through the cutting of rattan. One of the commitments for the settlement of the conflict was the marriage of Apo Gapaw to a Meranaw woman as one of the proofs that both tribes fully consent and commit to the settlement of the conflict.

BukidnonNews.Net has reached the choreographer-author of the story but is unavailable for an interview as of April 23.

The IP and Moro traditional peace agreements do not only come out in folklore. It figures in an annual celebration, especially in the Talaandig community in Songco, Lantapan town.

The kinship of IP and Moro has historical basis. Mindanao was originally inhabited by indigenous peoples until the arrival of Arab traders in 1380 who became instrumental in the conversion of the IPs mostly in southern and western Mindanao to Islam. Ferdinand Magellan landed in Cebu in 1521.

Starting in 2011, representatives of eight Moro tribes and most of the Lumad or non-Islamized tribes in Mindanao reaffirm their kinship. In 2012, they signed a five-point kinship covenant in a gathering filled with festive remembrance of historical relationships and aspirations for peace and unity in the island.

Aside from signing the covenant, the participants also unveiled a monument depicting a jar of oil marking the reaffirmation of their kinship, an event witnessed among others by members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front peace panel and the International Monitoring Team in October 2012.

The covenant, printed on white paper and etched on a plaque installed on the monument, cited mutual recognition and respect (kilalaha), mutual sharing of information (sayuda), cooperation (buliga), mutual protection and preservation of life (uyaga), and mutual obligation to help the needy (pagbatunbatuna).

“The indigenous peoples and the Moro of Mindanao hereby acknowledge the following principles and doctrines of kinship as a basis of their cooperation, understanding, and unity as descendants of the early inhabitants in the island of Mindanao,” the declaration stated.

Before signing the covenant Lumad and Moro leaders exchanged accounts of shared history passed on for generations, mostly recalling a past that belonged to “one blood.” Their accounts differed in some respects but all of them cited peace pacts.

Among the stories, the Lumad speakers shared was that of the brothers Mamalu and Tabunaway. The latter converted to Islam upon the arrival of Shariff Kabungsuan.

Moro representatives recalled stories of their ancestors’ interaction with the Lumads, including datus who shared portions of their ancestral domain with Moro people in their areas.

The contingent from Kalilangan also won 2nd runner-up both in the float and street dancing competitions.

Malaybalay City’s contingent won as champion in the street dancing competition and the 1st runner-up in the float and ground competitions.

Valencia City’s contingent won as champion in the float competition, 1st runner-up in the street dancing competition, and 2nd runner-up in the ground presentation.

The presentation from Malaybalay City featured a healing ritual dubbed panggimukuran, which showed the performances of various rituals to make amends with a disgruntled engkanto to repent against a curse, enter into a treaty, and cause the healing of a child. In the story, the people committed to protecting and honoring the sanctuary of the engkanto, and their apology was accepted. The presentation featured the Inagong, “where people danced with pride and victory” in celebration.

The presentation from Valencia City featured the story of the people of communities around Mts. Kalatungan and Kitanglad after the “great flood”. It showcased the love story of the two survivors of the flood, Apo Ginamayon, the matriarch, from Kalatungan, and Apo Agbibilin, the patriarch from Kitanglad. Music connected the two flood survivors; Apo Ginamayon playing the tambol; Apo Agbibilin hearing and searching for the source of the music. This story touched on environmental protection and care for the earth.

The theme of this year’s staging of the Kaamulan focused on “One Bukidnon: A celebration of unity in cultural diversity.”

There were only three competing contingents in this year’s street dancing competition as other local government units were unable to prepare financially after their respective combat against COVID-19. Six towns; Quezon, Libona, Kitaotao, Cabanglasan, Lantapan, and San Fernando sent non-competing performers from indigenous communities. (Walter I. Balane/BukidnonNews.Net)

Php 180M worth of various infra projects turnovers to SBDP brgy benefeciaries in Lantapan

DILG Regional Director Wilhelm M. Suyko, Ceso IV, and Provincial Director Rhona Pedraza-Abadilla together with the Provincial Local Government Unit represented by Provincial Engr. Albert D. Yulo led the joint turnover of the 14 infrastructure projects to the Nine (9) Beneficiary Barangays in the Municipality of Lantapan, last March 9, 2023

The said activity sets a remarkable milestone for the Province of Bukidnon for inaugurating a total of PhP180-Million worth of projects in Lantapan, with the highest completion rate at 100% among the beneficiary LGUs in the province.
The completed projects comprising Eight Local Access Roads, Four (4) Water Supply System, One (1) Health Station, and One (1) School Building demonstrates the seamless efforts of both LGUs and National Government Agencies, and most importantly it manifests effectively
monitoring and supervision as well as a higher degree of accountability among the stakeholders.
The successful event was made possible by the active involvement of the Local Government Unit of Lantapan through the able leadership of Municipal Mayor Ernie R. Devibar and the Municipal Engineering’s Office in collaboration with DILG Lantapan.
In his message, Mayor Devibar wholeheartedly expressed his appreciation to the national government for giving a significant amount for the implementation of their project. He further signifies the LGUs support in the repair and maintenance of the project. “Dako amoang pasalamat sa nadawat nga mga proyekto nga ge dapat sa siyam (9) ka mga
barangay. Nanghinaot ako nga ang mga barangay og residente mag hatag og pagtagad alang sa pag amping sa mga proyekto, og kami usab sa munisipyo mo alalay alang sa pag repair og pag maintain sa
mga proyekto”, said Mayor Devibar.
Barangays of Alanib, Bantuanon, Basac, Cawayan, Kibanggay, Kulasihan, Capitan Juan, Songco, and Victory received PhP20Million each worth of funding for the implementation of their
priority projects to address primarily the development gaps and bring sustainable peace to formerly communist-infiltrated barangays.
“Amoang dakong kalipay nga nasinatian na namo ang kabag-ohan tungod sa mga proyektong nahatag diri sa amoang lugar. Aduna nay kalinaw og naka tagamtam na og saktong tubig ang mga lumulupyo sa taas nga bahin sa amoang barangay”, said Punong Barangay Reynald C. Pisgay of Barangay Capitan Juan.
The activity was also graced by the presence and congratulatory messages from partner line agencies represented by LTC Roger Anthony E Nuylan Jr INF (GSC) PA, Deputy Provincial
Director Col. Arce Yam-oc of PNP Bukidnon, Provincial Engineering Office, and Members of the beneficiary Barangay Council.
The SBDP is a result of the Retooled Community Support Program of DILG, a convergence mechanism of the government, particularly on the identification of the needed interventions at the barangay level, anchored in addressing efficient delivery of basic services to once communist-affected barangays. (DILG Buk/CJ. Nesnia)

Top 5 most wanted person sa Bukidnon gisikop

Gisikop sa hiniusang pwersa sa kapolisan ang top 5 most wanted person sa Bukidnon kaniadtong Peb. 11, 2023 sa Purok-2, Barangay Alanib, Lantapan, Bukidnon

Si Police Maj. Jayvee G. Babaan, OIC sa Lantapan Municipal Police Station nitaho nga ang ulitawo giila nga si Bryan Joshua Bentillo Ranollo alyas ‘Brian”, 23, estudyante, ug residente sa maong dapit.

Siya gisikop pinasubay sa warrant of arrest sa kasong rape nga adunak kaso criminal numero 27880-16.

Ang nasikop gidala ubos sa kustodiya sa Lantapan MPS alang sa hustong disposasyon. (Omar Rashid Z. Abdullah)

DA-PRDP 10 conducts appraisal of subproject proposals in Bukidnon

The Department of Agriculture – Philippine Rural Development Project 10 (DA-PRDP 10) together with the National Project Coordination Office (NPCO) and the Mindanao Project Support Office (PSO Mindanao) conducted an appraisal of subproject (SP) proposals for the province of Bukidnon on February 7-9, 2023

DA-10 OIC-Regional Executive Director and Regional PCO-10 Project Director Carlene C. Collado stressed that the activity is vital to enhance the local government units (LGUs) proposals.

Further, it ensures the completeness of the documents and readiness of the proponent for the Regional Project Advisory Board’s (RPAB) review and approval.

The team evaluated proposals for the completeness, consistency, and correctness of the documents. Additionally, site validations were conducted to determine the feasibility and viability of a project in an area.

The AA Abattoir and 2 Farm-to-Market Roads were subject to validation in the towns of Don Carlos and Lantapan, Bukidnon, respectively.

Specifically, it includes the Construction of a Double “A” Slaughterhouse with Cold Storage in Don Carlos; 6.516-kilometers (km) Concreting of FMR with Drainage at Balila Proper to Sitio Gahub to Purok 5 Kaatuan; and the 9.46-km Concreting of FMR w/ Drainage at Sitio Cacawon, Kulasihan to Purok 2 Kangay, Capitan Juan to Purok 4 to Purok 5 Katiguman to Purok 6 Pinamanguhan, Capitan Road with Drainage at Balila Proper to Sitio Gahub to Purok 5 Kaatuan of Lantapan.

Heading the activity was RPCO-10 IBUILD Component Head, Engr. Deliza T. Camaro and representatives from the region’s IBUILD, SES, and GGU.

Joining the RPCO team was NPCO’s Rural Infrastructure Engineer (RIE) Legario B. David and Economist Harry C. Omaña; PSO Mindanao’s Planning Officer Shiela May Ibasco, Economist Imma Requilme, and RIE Danessa N. Llagas. (PR)